My Running Essentials

Running Essentials

Running Essentials by runwithtongs featuring athletic running shoes

1. Long-sleeve running shirt for women: Brooks Essential LS 1/2 Zip II: Although we are having a spree of nice weather her in Oregon we still have our cool days and this has been the perfect top for the 40-60F weather.  It keeps me warm without overheating and it’s so light that I hardly even notice that I am wearing long sleeves.
2. Champion Women’s The Show-Off Sports Bra: I actually won this bra from Gina’s giveaway last month and it is AMAZING.  I have had such a hard time finding a good postpartum sports bra and I think I finally found the perfect one.
3. Angel Baby Bottom Balm I know you’re probably thinking isn’t that for diaper rash? Well yes, yes it is BUT it is also amazing for post running chaff.  It is soothing and is the only thing that I have found that really works to relieve the pain and heal quickly.
4. Brooks Glycerin running shoes  These are a new essential for me as I have been running in my Brooks PureFlow 2 for the last few months.  Although I LOVE my PureFlow 2’s I decided to get fitted for another pair of shoes and have found that the little extra support of the Glycerin have been great for me (although I still go for easy runs in my PureFlow 2’s).
5. Wunder Under Crop: I have a ton of different running pants but these are by far my favorite.  They fit snuggly and don’t fall down when I run. Bonus I can throw on a tee, a denim jacket and a scarf and wear them for a post run beer.
6. Soothe Epsom Bath Salts| San Francisco Bath Salt Company: Another product I came across from winning the Women’s Running giveaway last year.  I have come to love post long run Epsom salt baths and this is my favorite brand to use.
What are your running essentials?

Chia Squeeze: New Gluten-Free and Vegan Snack from Mamma Chia

I am head over heels in love with the new Mamma Chia snack, Chia Squeeze, they are honestly insanely delicious.  I have been snacking on them after my runs and reluctantly let Neil try one and my friend Fawn try another flavor (looking back I wish I hadn’t shared they are that good.)

mamma chia squeeze

These little packets contain/are:

  • Chia + Fruit + Vegetables
  • 1200mg Omega-3
  • Good Source of Fiber
  • Gluten Free and Vegan
  • Only 70 Calories
  • No Added Sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • USDA Certified Organic

Like I said I have been enjoying these after runs and the other day I was sucking one of these back while stretching.  Edith was sitting on the floor with me and as soon as she saw the packet she got excited and crawled over and attempted to take it from me, I think she knew how good it was….or maybe it just reminded her of her fruit and veggie packets, anyways she wanted it.  I finished the packet it tossed it in the trash small trash bin in the living room and then went to grab a fruit and veggie puree packet for Edith to snack on since I teased her with my Mamma Chia Squeeze.  In the two seconds I was gone she had fished the empty packet from the trash and was just about to put the (capped) end into her mouth when I recovered and swapped it out for her own packet of food. Needless to say the girl knew how good it was and would go to any length to get just a taste.

mamma chia

Honestly, there are very few products that I gush over (most I just like or really like) but this is one that I love. It is a product that I plan on going out and buying mass quantities of it is that good. I also think it is the perfect post workout snack because it is sweet but low in calories and sugar. Also did you know chia seeds offer a complete nutritional profile of omega-3, balanced dietary fiber, complete protein, antioxidants and minerals? Neat, eh?

Have you ever tried Mamma Chia? What is your favorite post workout snack?

P.S. the Green Magic is my favorite flavor.

Another Mother Runner Event

Wednesday night I had the pleasure to attend an Another Mother Runner event that was held in Portland. As you read yesterday I was nervous about attending and had my struggles when I first arrived but in the end I had a really good time. The event was pretty big with over 100 people in attendance.


Like I said in yesterdays post I did a little retail therapy and bought these two shirts:


After my retail therapy and finally finding another mother to talk with it was time for Sarah to do a reading from Train Like A Mother.  Let me tell you she is so warm and hilarious. To top it all off just listening to her talk about running was infectious and of course I ended up signing up for a September 10k while I was there. I really wanted to sign for the half marathon but with such a crazy summer I know I couldn’t commit to training so I decided on a shorter distance.


Another Mother Runner is having similar events across the country and you can sign up to attend one as well! Locations include:

  • New Canaan, CT: April 10
  • Montclair, NJ: April 11
  • Sacramento, CA: April 24
  • Bay Area, CA: April 25
  • Capital Region (Albany), NY: May 30
  • Chicago, IL: August 8
  • Columbus, OH: August 29
  • Washington D.C. Suburbs: October 3
  • Philadelphia, PA: October 17
  • St. Louis, MO: October 24

Oh and did I mention that the swag bags are pretty awesome? Also I did win a raffle item but they had some pretty awesome ones which included a Garmin, race entries, and more.


Have you read Run Like A Mother or Train Like A Mother? Are you planning to attend one of the events?

Family Run

20130317_165230Sunday was my run day and honestly I just wasn’t feeling it. I was dragging my feet all day trying to come up with excuses as to why I didn’t need to/couldn’t run but honestly none of them were legit. Finally Neil got me out the door and with Edith in the BOB we went for a family run.


I started out pushing Edith for the first mile and then Neil took over. We covered 3.25 miles in 50 minutes including a 5 minute walking warm up and 5 minute walking cool down. It was tough. Running with Neil encouraged me to push myself a little harder and it felt good but boy was it tough. I am gearing up for my first postpartum 5k (I will be pushing E in the BOB too) in a few weeks and I think these weekend family runs might need to becoming a weekly thing.StitchPics_2

Do you like to run with others? Do you push yourself (in a good way) to go harder or longer when you do?

My New Running Routine

Before having a baby I could go out for a run just about whenever I felt like it.  Training for a race was no problem because I only had work, home and Neil to worry about not another little (demanding) human being. Nowadays workouts involve a lot more preparedness with a lot less planning.

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 9.09.47 PM

When Edith first arrived I tried to plan for workouts, carve our time in my day or try to workout in the evenings but as I quickly learned babies are unpredictable and exhausting.  After “missing” workout after workout because either my scheduled time didn’t workout or I was exhausted by the end of the night I knew I had to figure something else out.

Nowadays I put my workout clothes on as soon as I wake up so that I am ready to fit a workout in whenever the window of opportunity opens (or maybe I just put them on because who doesn’t love to wear leggings). I also am taking advantage of the BOB and I would say 99% of my runs are done during the day with Edith in the BOB. Actually now that I think about it I haven’t been on a solo run since moving to Oregon. I could wait until Neil gets home from work to run but honestly by the end of the day I just don’t want to run and I still have dinner to make and a bedtime routine to follow with Edith.

So, I am running 3-4 times per week logging around 6-10 miles right now with plans to increase a little bit each week.  I am also registered for three races, yes THREE! I have a 5k that I am running in April with Edith in the BOB (Neil is running the 5 miler so I’m on BOB duty), I have a quarter marathon in May and another 5k in August.  It feels so good to be back on track with my running and in a real routine even if that routine is less predictable.

How has your running routine changed over time? How do you make time to run?