1. Sounds like you’re talking about the race in Tigard? I did the 5 miler. Yeah, I can see what you mean about the path not being very stroller-friendly, although they did have a volunteer standing at the top of the entrance to the park paths, and there was someone right behind me with a stroller and the volunteer specifically pointed out to them to be careful on the decline.

    I actually do most of my long runs on the Tualatin/Cook/Durham park paths, but coming from the other direction and I’ve never gone up that hill it’s so steep (I turn around just before it instead), so totally get wanting to avoid it!

    • Yeah the one in Tigard. I was just surprised that no where on the website did it point out that there was such a steep hill. I would have to imagine that others who have never ran that course would have been pretty surprised by it. I also would have liked if the coordinators had put a warning up for stroller runners. Did you enjoy the race?

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