Fitness Friday | My Run Analysis at Therapydia PDX


Happy Friday! Sunday morning I received my run analysis from Jason at Therapydia Portland and I wanted to share it with you. For the run analysis Jason put little dots on my right side at all the points you see below for recording/analysis purposes. Once he did that I started walking at a level 3 on the treadmill for 3 minutes and then bumped the seed up too level 4/4.5 to a jog for 2 minutes.

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Heads up the analysis is a bit technical so I moved it to the bottom for those of you who are interested in reading more! 

April 16, 2015

runanalysisheeltrikerLindsay Ingalls RUN ANALYSIS Summary:

Summary: If we increase your trunk flexion by 5-8 degrees you will help increase glut activation improve shock absorption throughout your run. During your deceleration phase your knee comes slightly in front of your toe during peak knee flexion, which indicates more quad dominant mechanics versus hip dominant.

Recommendations are to increase glut med/max strength couple with core stabilization exercises with resistance theraloop to improve motor control for SL stance. We will continue with hip isometric exercises with progression for higher levels as appropriate with efforts to improve single leg shock absorption on the right and concurrently decrease contralateral hip drop leading to asymmetrical stride.

Posterior view displayed significant hip drop on left side further indicating weak hip abductor muscles during shock absorption on the right in stance. Excessive pronation noted on bilateral feet.


runanalysisheeltrikerLindsay Ingalls RUN ANALYSIS Details:

During initial contact we are looking for what type of contact you make: You are a heel striker, which indicates that you will recruit your hip musculature more effectively versus calf musculature.  You have adequate ankle dorsiflexion however your hip flexion angle can improve. Decreased hip flexion angle at this phase can be caused by decreased velocity or inability to absorb shock at the glut med/max musculature.  Trunk is actually extended ~ .13 degrees and we look for ~ 10 degrees of trunk flexion.  We would like increased trunk flexion to recruit the hip shock absorption.  Ideally we look for 20-40 degrees of hip flexion during initial contact to improve glut activity. During initial contact optimal knee extension reaches 0 degrees.


Next phase is peak knee flexion, which indicates shock absorption or deceleration.  Ankle moves from ~4 degrees to 0 degrees indicating a 4 degree eccentric load, the knee goes from ~6 to ~26 degrees with a 20 degree eccentric quad load, and the hip remains moves from ~19 degrees towards ~14 degrees which indicates a negative shock absorption in the right hip.   Your knee has a good positive excursion however in the ankle we would like to see greater than 10 degree positive change and in the hip we would like to see the hip flexion angle increase indicating some shock absorption in the glut musculature. 

Next phase is toe off: We look at total hip excursion from initial contact to this phase: you have ~ 30 degrees of hip excursion, we would like to increase this by at least 10 more degrees.  We are working towards this via the hip flexor stretching. Trunk is flexed at 7 degrees, we can improve this at least 5 degrees. 

Last phase is just before initial contact. Hip is going back to a flexed position where we would like at least 20 degrees which you do very well!  Also we would like 8-10 degrees of trunk flexion which you have ~1 degree.


Have you ever had a run analysis?

Read my full Therapydia Portland post here.

Race | Bridge to Brews 2015 | Terrapin Events

Bridge to Brews - Brews Bridge to Brews - little runner Bridge to Brews - post kids race Bridge to Brews - see alder Bridge to Brews - i'm the man Bridge to Brews - beer lagunitasRace season has officially started at the Ingalweather house! We were up bright and early Sunday morning in route to Neil and Edith’s first races of the 2015 season the Bridge to Brews 8K and Kids 1/2 Miler.  

The kids race was on the small side and a bit over priced $12(!!) but Edith had fun once she started running so it was worth it. After Edith’s race we watched the start of the 8K/10K race to watch Neil cross the starting line. I was pretty impressed with the organization of the race and how quickly everyone got across the starting line. Once Neil passed us it was time to find coffee while Neil did the hard work for running over the Fremont and Steel Bridges. We made it back to the finish line and watched as the runners crossed the finish line and finally Neil crossed as well. 

After the race we headed to the post-race beer festival which included a beer mug and give drink tickets. Side note if you ever do this race get your ID checked and bracelet before you start the race so you can avoid the lines. Since it was 9:30am and I didn’t just run a race I passed on buying my own cup and beer tickets but I did steal a few sips of Neil’s beer. 

Once Neil had finished his beers and bowl of soup we headed out to lunch and then home for an unsuccessful nap time. On our drive home Neil and I discussed doing this race next year and hope that we can figure out a way for the both of us to run it. 

Next of big race on Neil’s agenda is The Helvetia Half  and we have five fun run 5K’s already planned as well. As for my race I am working with a physical therapist right now but I’m not sure that it’s going to happen. I may or may not decide to walk the course but we will see (side note more on PT next week). 

Did you race this weekend? Any big races planned this year? 

Let’s Be Honest | Training For A Race with 2 under 3

Nike Run

I tell you I hate to write this post. I mean I don’t have to but I want to share with you that training for a race while having a baby and a toddler is a challenge. I had these grand ideas of getting back to running regularly (3-4x per week) but lately it’s been once per week. I have come to dread the double BOB because it just makes running that much harder and currently nights are a little rough with a baby who won’t be put down and wants to nurse all night long. Anyways these are simply excuses when you look at it but that’s what’s going on. 

It finally really hit me, not that I didn’t already know this, but I have a race in 10 weeks. 10 weeks!! That really isn’t that much time and since I have only been running once per week you could say I am a little behind. So here I am all dressed to run as soon as nap time is over because I committed to this race and now I am going to do it. 

The plan is to run three times per week and at least one of those be solo or with the single BOB (so much easier than the double). I know I might have to do a few treadmill runs this time around to fit my runs in but I am going to do it. This is me committing.Here is my updated race calendar and I am planning to check in week or bi-weekly regarding my status.The days might shift a bit each week depending on life but luckily with 7 days in a week I should be able to find time for 3 runs. Anyone else training for a race right now? Who wants to be accountability partners?

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 1.20.37 PM


My 16-Week Workout Plan | Kayla Itsines BBG & Race Train

I have decided to challenge myself to take on two different training plans over the next 16-weeks. I am still plugging along at my race training plan and I have also decided to try out Kayla Itsines Bikini Body (BBG) plan. I actually started the plan three weeks ago but I slacked on week three, had an over indulgent weekend away and just felt like I need to restart so I am starting the plan over again this week. So far I am really loving the BBG plan but it is crazy challenging – perfect really.

So here are the first few weeks of my plan:
BBG-Galloway - Google Sheets

I think I discussed it in a previous post but I am following the Jeff Galloway plan because it is what has worked for me in the past and I say why fix something that isn’t broken, am I right? I am using the Galloway 10k iPhone app and I am loving it.

Interested in following my BBG journey? I have create a separate Instagram (because I don’t have enough IG accounts already) to track my BBG progress – so check it out if you’d like! All of my running training progress will be posted on the blog and on my regular IG account.

What is your favorite training plan?

Fitness Friday | Race Training: The Plan


I have been promising this post for a month now and here I am finally posting! I am 13 weeks out from my first postpartum race and it’s time to start training. I am running the Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) and this is actually the first postpartum race that I ran after having Edith so it only seemed fitting to do it again. I have been struggling to commit to a race plan but finally I have settled into a plan and I am excited for it. 

Lands End - BOB - Family RUnSince I have lost a little bit of my running stamina and am basically starting at the bottom again I am going with a run/walk plan. In the past I have done Couch to 5K and when I trained for this race back in 2013 I did a plan on my RunKeeper app. While I liked both this time I decided to spend the $3.99 and download the Jeff Galloway 10K plan app. While my race is a little longer than 10K the training plan will work because my longest training run is actually 7 miles. 

I started the plan a few weeks ago but decided after a week of missing two of my runs that I would start it over again. So I am not a week in and have 12 more weeks of the training app to go which means I’ll just end up adding two of the regular short runs the week of my race to finish off the week. So here is the plan:

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 8.56.26 PM

I am hoping to fit in at least one 5k race but I haven’t come across ones that fit my plan yet- if you live in the Portland area and can suggest any that are coming up in March/April let me know. 

I have to say I am loving the 10K app because it allows you to customize your run/walk intervals and Jeff Galloway talks to you the entire time. It’s a little weird to hear his voice but he shares some tips, some words of motivation and tells you when “it’s time to run”. So far I am loving it and I am doing a 30sec/45sec interval with hopes of running a 6min/1min interval by race time. 

So there it is, my plan! I’ll update you throughout the upcoming weeks. 

Who else is training for a race? What is your favorite race plan? 

Blog 365 // Day 13 // We Keep Running

 Nike Run

There is a local musician that my daughter has seen a few times and he has as song that goes something like “run, run, run, run, we keep running” and lately I find myself getting the song stuck in my head. The thing is although it just becomes obnoxious and after the thousandth time of singing it to myself I’m screaming “GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD” (p.s. this is the only line of the song I know) I do find it is a constant reminder that I need to get get out and run and to keep on it. 

I just started back up running consistently and I’m at that point where I am not yet in a routine so it doesn’t feel weird if I skip a run. I am working on changing that and now that I have a training schedule to follow I am finding the constant reminder a good thing. My training officially started last week and it is going well so far. I am starting out slow, no like real slow, but that’s okay because at least I am getting out there. I’m a week in and I’m already feeling stronger and excited to run. I’m three training runs down 47 to go! 

Who else is training for a race? What keeps you motivated?