New Year, New City, New Race

This morning I finally did it- I signed up for my first postpartum race. I have only been running a handful of times since giving birth to Edith but I am ready to get back at it.  I finally have a new pair of Brooks running shoes and honestly there is nothing better than a new pair of shoes to help motivate me to get out and use them. I decided to sign up for the Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon (which is sponsored by Brooks) with the possibility of switching to the half (I have until 4/30/2013 to decide if I want to switch).

I was going to sign up for the half but then looked at a calendar and realized the race is only 19 weeks away and that for the next 2.5 weeks I am going to be in snowland and then another week of transitioning/moving into a new home and time zone so I’m look at closer to 16-15.5 weeks of real training time.  Since I haven’t been running regularly I didn’t want to over do it so I think that a quarter marathon is a good place to start for my first postpartum race, although I might sign up for a 5k before I run the quarter.

So here is a loose training plan:

Weeks 1-3: Yoga, Core and Cardio Workouts- at home

Weeks 3-12: Get back to my 5k pace

Week 12(ish): Run a 5k

Weeks 12-19: Work up to 6.5-7.5 miles

Week 19: Run the Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon

Q: For the moms out there did you run during your pregnancy? How was it getting back to running postpartum? When did you run your first postpartum race and what distance did you run?

Get Your Summer Satisfaction

As a former 9-5er I know what a challenge it can be to enjoy all that summer has to offer during the week.  However there are a number of things that you can do to enjoy the longer days and warmer nights (and not just on the weekend).

  • Join a team. Or in my case have my husband join a team so I can go to his games. Often you will find adult recreational league sports teams and even many companies have summer sports teams to play on.  In our area you can find softball, soccer and even kickball leagues for adults to participate in during the week. Neil plays softball once per week and it’s a great way for him to get out, enjoy the weather and socialize during the week (as well as stay active).

  • Run clubs. Join (or start) a summer run club.  One of the greatest things about summer is that it stays lighter out so much later which allows for running outside to be more accessible after work.  Many athletic stores, running associations and even some towns/cities have summer group runs that are after work (and some before).
  • Farmers Markets. What better way to enjoy summer than to also enjoy locally grown food? Often we think of going to weekend farmers markets but did you know that many areas also have afternoon/evening weekday farmers markets? This is the perfect opportunity to get outside, do a little shopping and enjoy summers bounty!
  • Local Studios. Check out what type of summer events are happening at your local yoga studios or Lululemon.  In our area we have one studio that offers AM yoga on a dock at the waterfront and our local Lululemon has a number of outdoor fitness events that go on (and most are free).
  • Local Events Calendar. Check out your town/cities local events calendar to find out what fun summer events are coming up for the week/month.  Often you will find outdoor movie nights, carnivals, live music, brewers festivals and so much more.  Locally we have a movie night in the park once per month in June, July and August and every Thursday night there is Summervale a fun little event down at a local cooperative farm that features local food and lots of activities.
  • Eat Outside. Take advantage of the weather by dining al fresco!  You could plan to pack up a picnic to take to a park or down by a lake after work, head out for dinner at one of your favorite restaurants or make a home cooked meal and enjoy it on your porch (patio, balcony, lawn, etc). This is as great way to really enjoy summer and to create a fun dining experience for your whole family.


Q: What are you favorite ways to take advantage of all that summer has to offer?