1. I started postnatal walking within a couple of weeks and was running again in a couple of months. We invested in a BOB jogging stroller with the infant seat attachment, and by the time I was ready to run while pushing that thing, my infant was a few months old and ready to get extended doses of fresh air!

    • We invested in a BOB as well after hearing really amazing things about having one. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with my running and am not trying to be over ambitious nor do I have any desire to push myself to far. I am going to listen to my body and let it guide my fitness practice.

  2. With my older daughter I started at 6 weeks pp. With my younger I started at 4 weeks pp. Personally, it seems to take me about 6 months+ to get to half marathon distances. The speed and endurance DOES come back though!!

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