My Running Essentials

Running Essentials

Running Essentials by runwithtongs featuring athletic running shoes

1. Long-sleeve running shirt for women: Brooks Essential LS 1/2 Zip II: Although we are having a spree of nice weather her in Oregon we still have our cool days and this has been the perfect top for the 40-60F weather.  It keeps me warm without overheating and it’s so light that I hardly even notice that I am wearing long sleeves.
2. Champion Women’s The Show-Off Sports Bra: I actually won this bra from Gina’s giveaway last month and it is AMAZING.  I have had such a hard time finding a good postpartum sports bra and I think I finally found the perfect one.
3. Angel Baby Bottom Balm I know you’re probably thinking isn’t that for diaper rash? Well yes, yes it is BUT it is also amazing for post running chaff.  It is soothing and is the only thing that I have found that really works to relieve the pain and heal quickly.
4. Brooks Glycerin running shoes  These are a new essential for me as I have been running in my Brooks PureFlow 2 for the last few months.  Although I LOVE my PureFlow 2’s I decided to get fitted for another pair of shoes and have found that the little extra support of the Glycerin have been great for me (although I still go for easy runs in my PureFlow 2’s).
5. Wunder Under Crop: I have a ton of different running pants but these are by far my favorite.  They fit snuggly and don’t fall down when I run. Bonus I can throw on a tee, a denim jacket and a scarf and wear them for a post run beer.
6. Soothe Epsom Bath Salts| San Francisco Bath Salt Company: Another product I came across from winning the Women’s Running giveaway last year.  I have come to love post long run Epsom salt baths and this is my favorite brand to use.
What are your running essentials?

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