#WIAW | Camping Edition

Sunday Neil and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary with a camping trip (with the kids) to the Oregon Coast. We lucked out and were able to get a yurt at Cape Lookout for Sunday and Monday nights. We had beautiful weather on Sunday so we spent most of our time at the beach but Monday was dreary and wet so we explored the coast a bit before heading back to the campground for a hike and a wet walk on the beach. The weather got the best of us in the end as it started pouring just as we started to make dinner and poured all night and morning. Either way we had a great time and I’m so happy we were in a yurt! 


Let’s get to the food though because that what this post is all about. These are all of my eats from Monday June 1st while camping at the coast. 


#WIAW Camping Edition

For breakfast I started with a mug of coffee and a big bowl of berries. We had planned to do up a scrambled tofu and potatoes but our potatoes didn’t workout from dinner the previous night so we kept things light. #WIAW Camping Edition - Good Habit Box

Since I was feeling like I needed just a bit more to eat I broke into my Good Habit Box and Neil and I shared the Forest Berry Oatmeal. This was the first time I had tried anything from my Good Habit Bo and I really loved the oatmeal. There were no added sugars just simply gluten free oats, goji berries and some other dried fruit. I added in some strawberries and it was perfect. #WIAW Camping Edition - Good Habit Box - Exceptionally Tasty Oatmeal

Since it was raining we headed towards Pacific City and Lincoln City to see if we could find anything to do. On the way there Neil and I shared the Rosemary Almonds & Apricots which were pretty good and the Peanuts, Pineapple & Seeds which I think were my favorite of the items in the box because they had a nice sweet and spicy thing going for them. We tried the other two snacks on the way home yesterday. #WIAW Camping Edition - Afternoon Boost

We stopped for lunch in Lincoln City and I had a veggie burger and fries. It wasn’t anything special but it was still good. #WIAW Camping Edition  3 After lunch we headed back to the campground to go on a hike and then we walked along the beach in search of crabs. While we walked I munched on a Chia Bar. I picked up the coconut flavor to try and it was pretty good but I have to say the coffee one is still my favorite. #WIAW Camping Edition  4

After our hike and beach adventure we were all pretty hungry so we headed back to the campsite and brought out the veggies, vegan onion-dill dip and sparkling water while we got a fire and dinner started. #WIAW Camping Edition 2

Just as I was finishing up the potato bundles to go on the fire it started to rain and that rain quickly turned to pouring rain. Thankfully Neil took over dinner and he cooked us up some veggie dogs and tended to the potatoes. Not a too exciting dinner but it was good.#WIAW Camping Edition  5

The end.


We are headed out camping again in a few weeks and I’m trying to up my food game – what are your favorite foods to cook or bring with you camping?  

Disclaimer: Good Habit Box sent me a free box to try out. I received no compensation for this post. I was not required to write a post or a review. However I liked the box so much I signed up for a subscription after trying it. If you’d like to try out a Good Habit Box you can get 20% off your first box with code REFER20 (this is not an affiliate code). 

#WIAW: NadaMoo! | Dairy-free and Delicious


Apparently I have a real sweet tooth lately because once again here is another dessert What I ate Wednesday. This past weekend we met up with friends for a picnic and a little ice cream social at Cathedral Park here in Portland. 

If you are a Naturally Family (NF) reader you know that we do weekly playdates with a few other families and if you have a toddler you know playdates usually revolve around food. That being said our playdates have become snack dates that we feature almost weekly over on NF. This week it was all about the NadaMoo coconut milk frozen dessert. 


I actually wasn’t planning on sharing about our ice cream social over here but these vegan “ice creams” are just so good I thought that you guys might be interested as well. I’ll also admit two of the flavors didn’t make it to the park with us because as soon as the package arrived Neil and Edith felt the need to dive right in.  I was out at a blogger event and received a text message of Edith diving into a pint of Cookies & Creme. Of course the following night I felt the need to try what was left of the Cookies & Creme but after a spoonful I just wasn’t really digging it so I decided to dive into the Chocolate Almond Chip and I ended up finishing off most of the pint on Saturday (#keepinitreal). 


What stood out to me about these coconut milk “ice cream” (frozen dessert) was just how rich, natural and clean the flavors were. The Chocolate Almond Chip had a really rich cacao flavor and it honestly took me about 3-4 bites before I started to get a really good taste for the chocolate. It’s much more bittersweet tasting so I feel like the flavor through me off a bit but as I ate more of it the more I loved it. Also loved the almonds. The almonds were whole and just had a natural nutty taste to them – my description is really not doing it justice. The Maple Pecan was the same way – just such amazing nuttiness. 


So Monday came and so did our picnic date. I packed everything up and adults, tots and even two of the three babies gave NadaMoo a try. Head on over to Naturally Family to find out which flavors came out on top.

Also Portland Area Friends NadaMoo is coming to New Seasons in June and Haggen this Summer! 

Which flavor would you like to try? I really want to try the PB & Chocolate and the Chai. 

WIAW: Rawdacious | Portland, OR

Rawdacious PDX

This week it’s all about the cheesecake; specifically gluten free and vegan cheesecake from Rawdacious here in Portland. 
Rawdacious PDX-1

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Rawdacious kitchen to see where all the magic happens. Little did I know until about an hour before going that I had actually tried these delicious cheesecakes before at some of my favorite Portland restaurants. So that being said I was even more excited to try some new flavors. When I arrived Jenn, the owner of Rawdacious, presented me with three mini cheesecakes to sample.  While we chatted away while I stuffed myself silly with the most insanely delicious gluten free and vegan cheesecakes.  

Rawdacious PDX -12

I sampled the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Northwest berries and cream and a chocolate one that I am forgetting the official name of. Of the three the PB one was my favorite but I already knew this because I have enjoyed it before at Sweet Hereafter and The Bye and Bye. I actually had no idea that cheesecakes at these two places where from Rawdacious but now I do and so do you!. My other absolute favorite from Rawdacious is the seasonal pumpkin cheesecake that I had last Fall at Canteen (see photo here).

Rawdacious PDX -11Anyone want to go in on this Matcha With Coconut Cheesecake? Rawdacious PDX-5

All of the cheesecakes are naturally vegan and gluten-free without a soy base. The raw base of the cheesecakes is made from organic cashews, homemade organic almond milk and organic coconut oil. The cheesecakes filled with quality organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. You can read more about the cheesecakes here.

Rawdacious PDX -1

These beautiful and delicious handcrafted cheesecakes now come in mini sizes as well and can be found at Alberta Co-op, People’s CoopFood Front Cooperative and this summer you can find them at the St. John’s Farmers Market. You can also find them at a few other shops and restaurants around town including two of my favorites Prasad and HarlowRawdacious PDX -2

Not interested in venturing out for cheesecake? You could always have Postmates (if you’re lucky enough to live in the radius) deliver a 4-pack of minis or even a whole cake right to your doorstep. Rawdacious also takes special orders and does catering and would be perfect for a wedding or your next party ; Edith has already requested a few mini’s for her birthday (I don’t know who’s more excited me or her). Until then I’ll just have to find excuses to pick up a slice or mini when we are out and about.

Which flavor of Rawdacious cheesecake would you like to try? The Lemon Fig is at the top of my list and the Coffee With Cream & Fudge and ….well all of them really. 

*Disclaimer: I was invited to visit the kitchen and sample the cheesecakes. I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just simply can’t tell you enough about how insanely good these cheesecakes are. 

WIAW | Picnic at TheLadybug Park

WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park

Saturday morning after Neil returned from his running group Edith and I headed out for some much needed mommy-daughter time. Of course with Edith that time usually involves talking about what Dada and Alder are doing and eventually we decided to pick up some picnic provisions and meet them at the ladybug park (a Edith likes because there is a ladybug play structure). WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | Gonzo Hummus

I finally got my hands on a container of Gonzo Hummus which is local to Portland and Gonzo is one of our favorite food trucks so I was thrilled to be able to have their hummus at home. This hummus is seriously so amazing and next time I’ll pick up one of the ones with their homemade hot sauces too. WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | Hummus WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | strawberries

Along with hummus Neil and I split a Veggie Chick sandwich which is really a treat because it’s not the healthiest of sandwiches (unfortunately) but it tastes so good. We also enjoyed some incredibly sweet organic strawberries and organic blueberries. We also had some crackers to along with the hummus.WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | Kevita

To quench our thirst we shared some water and a Ketiva Master Brew Kombucha.  I had heard about these kombuchas before but hadn’t found them locally until this weekend (I found them at the Alberta Co-op and then saw them Sunday at New Seasons for those who are local). They are exactly the type of kombucha I like to drink, not too sweet and a little bit funky. I also recently had a free product coupon and tried the Ketiva Cleansing Probotic Tonics and those are pretty amazing as well. WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | Hide & Seek

We finished off our picnic with some hide-and-seek and cuddles in the sunshine.

WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park |