WIAW | Picnic at TheLadybug Park

WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park

Saturday morning after Neil returned from his running group Edith and I headed out for some much needed mommy-daughter time. Of course with Edith that time usually involves talking about what Dada and Alder are doing and eventually we decided to pick up some picnic provisions and meet them at the ladybug park (a Edith likes because there is a ladybug play structure). WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | Gonzo Hummus

I finally got my hands on a container of Gonzo Hummus which is local to Portland and Gonzo is one of our favorite food trucks so I was thrilled to be able to have their hummus at home. This hummus is seriously so amazing and next time I’ll pick up one of the ones with their homemade hot sauces too. WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | Hummus WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | strawberries

Along with hummus Neil and I split a Veggie Chick sandwich which is really a treat because it’s not the healthiest of sandwiches (unfortunately) but it tastes so good. We also enjoyed some incredibly sweet organic strawberries and organic blueberries. We also had some crackers to along with the hummus.WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | Kevita

To quench our thirst we shared some water and a Ketiva Master Brew Kombucha.  I had heard about these kombuchas before but hadn’t found them locally until this weekend (I found them at the Alberta Co-op and then saw them Sunday at New Seasons for those who are local). They are exactly the type of kombucha I like to drink, not too sweet and a little bit funky. I also recently had a free product coupon and tried the Ketiva Cleansing Probotic Tonics and those are pretty amazing as well. WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park | Hide & Seek

We finished off our picnic with some hide-and-seek and cuddles in the sunshine.

WIAW | Picnic At The Ladybug Park |


  1. Aren’t you so excited that it is finally picnic weather!? I plan on eating outdoors EVERYDAY this weekend. I’ll have to try the hummus. I love hummus so much, but sometimes if I vary brands I’m just disappointed. It is nice to have a recommendation of a new brand to try!

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