What I Ate Wednesday: Lately Edition

It has been a long time since I participated in a What I Ate Wednesday. This one planned so it’s a random mish mash of my favorite things I have eaten lately. If you’d like to see more daily eats please let me know in the comments! Also recipes are going to be making a comeback soon!
Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.23.18 AM

Tuesday Night Dinner: roasted carrots, parsnips, red onion and delicata squash with crispy(ish) kale, maple tahini dressing and pomegranate

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.26.30 AM

Vanilla hemp milk pumpkin spiced latte

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.26.18 AM

Canteen: SOUTHERN BOWL–> bbq soy curls/collard greens/black eyed peas/brown rice/carrot & cabbage slaw/cashew ranch/greenonions

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.26.08 AM

Canteen: Pumpkin Cheezcake


The best chocolate ever.

What have you been eating lately?

Weekly Meals & Workouts | 2

Photo from this past weekends hike.

Photo from this past weekends hike.

Weekly Workouts:

Saturday: Family Walks

Sunday: 2 Mile Hike to Wahclella Falls Hike See more photos here.

Monday: Family Walk

Tuesday: Family Walk

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off

Weekly Eats:

This week I didn’t do as good of a job at photographing all my meals (seriously I don’t know how some bloggers do it) but I did get a few shots. I haven’t discussed our budget or meal plan yet but that is coming up next week. We did things a little different this time around so I’ll be sharing the pros and cons of that and what we have learned this month. Until then here are some of my eats this week!

Weekly Eats- Eggplant Pasta Bowl
Eggplant Pasta Bowl (recipe to come)
Weekly Eats- Falafel Bowl
Falafel Bowl –> Falafel Recipe Here.
Weekly Eats- Burrito Bowl
Black Bean Burrito Bowl –> Inspired by this recipe.

Smoked Paprika Home Fries (find out where you can get the recipe here)Morning Star- Meatless Monday- Buffalo FriesBuffalo Chik’n Fires (recipe here)

Other things I ate this week included Ethiopian from an awesome food cart for lunch, homemade pizza, mega veggie sandwich, tofu salad sandwich, gluten free mac and cheese, banana bread and Neil’s Thai leftovers from our foodcart lunch.

Weekly Meals & Workouts

Happy Friday! With all the beautiful weather going on here in Portland this week seemed to go by fast! We have been enjoying the extra light at night and the sunny weather. That also means lots of really great walks with Edith and Neil.

Family walk & 20 weeks pregnant!

Family walk & 20 weeks pregnant!

Weekly Workouts:

Saturday: Off. We did a short (1/2 mile) family walk but that was it because it was a pretty dreary day.

Sunday: Family walk.

Monday: Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Video.  I seriously love this prenatal workout and I loved it when I was pregnant with Edith. I usually do the express workout which is almost a half hour because when I’m home with Edith that’s about as much time as she allows me.

Tuesday: Off. Tried to get Edith to go for a walk but she was protesting being outside (weird child).

Wednesday: Nice long walk to the park for a picnic and then a round about walk home.

Thursday: Walk with Edith in the Boba Carrier on my back one way and front the way home. Seriously this pregnant lady can’t do front carries anymore I was dying by the time I got home.

Friday: Today’s plan is Summer Sanders’ and then a family walk this evening.

You can check out my review of Summer Sanders’ prenatal video here.

Weekly Eats:

So this week I stayed on task (for the most part) for all of our meals. I actually just cooked up the very last of our produce for our lunches today since last night after a long day I decided to get Edith and myself takeout since Neil wasn’t going to be home until after bedtime. Otherwise I used up all of what we purchased for produced with the exception of a few onions.


Meatless Monday- Cashew Tofu Stir FryDinner: Cashew Tofu –> Recipe here.

Weekly Eats - Creamy BeansDinner: Creamy White Beans, Zucchini Fries & Red Leaf Lettuce with Tahini Dressing

Weekly Eats- Stir Fry Veggie RiceDinner: Stir Fried Veggie Rice & Cheezy Edamame Pods

Weekly Eats- PicnicDinner: Picnic- Roasted Chickpeas & Cauliflower, Quinoa & Tahini Cabbage Slaw

Weekly Eats - Baked Banana Oatmeal Muffins & TeaBreakfast: Baked Almond Banana Oatmeal

Weekly Eats - Leftover Cashew TofuLunch: Leftover Cashew Tofu stir fried up and topped with avocado and Franks

Chickpea Flatbread

Lunch: Chickpea Flatbread (recipe to come) with tahini sauce and sauteed mushrooms and onions and a huge red leaf lettuce salad with red wine vinaigrette

Not Pictured: Edith and I had tofu scramble one day for lunch but it was too ugly to share a photo of and most of our lunches were just a repeat of dinner. Also last night for dinner Edith and I shared a lemongrass tofu banh mi and fresh salad rolls. Breakfasts not featured included a bagel with toffutti and quinoa with veggies.

What do you eat this week? How did you get your body moving?

WIAW: Recipe Testing

Breakfast: I have decided to bring back one of my favorite breakfast this week- soygurt with berries and raw oats. Yesterday I had lemon Whole Soy Yogurt with raspberries and oats- so good!

Lunch: Leftovers from Monday night dinner, Peanutty Noodles with Tempeh- a recipe I’ve been working on.

Snacks: Apple and pistachios (not pictured)

Dinner: For dinner last night I worked on another recipe, Sweet Potato Bean Stew, topped with tomato, avocado and sour supreme with a few whole grain crackers.

Dessert: Swiss Almond Coconut Milk Ice Cream (not pictured)

What did you eat Wednesday?

WIAW: Pizza You Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s Wednesday so it you know what that means! Unfortunately pregnancy brain has kicked in lately and I forgot to photograph my breakfast yesterday. What you missed was a spinach bagel with tofutti and tons of veggies-it was amazing. To go along with it I had a 1/3 caf and 2/3 decaf coffee and lots of water.

 For lunch I enjoyed marinated tofu with sesame noodles, tomatoes, cucumbers and red bell peppers.

and then I snacked on one of these delicious new granola bars from Nature’s Path. I picked up the Macaroon Crunch and Apple Pie flavors and both are amazing. I love that they are low in sugar and have 3g of protein and 3g of fiber.

I also snacked on a banana with almond butter and raisins before I headed to yoga class.

 Dinner was the star of the show- we had pita pizzas with parsley-pumpkin seed pesto, white beans, mushrooms and tomatoes.  I had to restrain myself from eating the second one I made for our lunches today.  I served these up with a green salad with Briannas French Vinaigrette. Recipe to come for Pita Pizza.

I topped our pizzas with this sample I received of Parmela– Parmesan cheese replacer. TheHubz and I both enjoyed the Parmela my only complaints were that the holes were way to small on the sprinkle side of the cap and compared to other vegan parms it was a little dry, but still very tasty.

What did you eat this Wednesday?

Also I will leave you with a photo of this cutie…