1. Mostly I learned I really want to try these…lol
    But I also learned that they use organic sugar and vanilla.
    Oh how I love some organic vanilla!

  2. Aimee M

    I learned that they use organic ingredients and that they thought up the idea for the nuts in New Zealand! I recently read New Zealand has the happiest people and apparently it sparks awesome ideas.

  3. Rachel

    I learned this business is based in Eugene, OR (a town I love!). They source tons of their ingredients (including the oatmeal stout they use) from the Eugene area. I would love to try these tasty looking snacks!

  4. Rebecca

    They sell their nuts as some rowing regattas! I am on crew myself, and that would be amazing if they came to my rowing events!

  5. Holly E.

    I learned on the Doug’s Nuts website that Doug’s adorable wife, Kari, has two fat cats … as do I!

  6. Meagan

    I learned that organoleptic refers to the aspect of food that is experienced by the senses. And pretty darn vital.

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