Weekend Links

This weekend none of us are sick, we have a date night planned and I’m heading to my first yoga class in over a year. Despite the rain I think that this is going to be a pretty wonderful weekend. I thought I’d share a few things I came across this week. Enjoy! 

We’re gearing up for more rain and these yarn activities to keep us busy. 

Sipping on ombre smoothies to jazz up this rain weekend. 

Proof you can have fashion and function while nursing. 

What should you really pack in your hospital bag

It’s time to whip up a batch of your very own kombucha

Quick and easy vegan lunch ideas for your littles (or yourself). 

Lessons in perfectionism (hint it’s okay to make mistakes). 

My favorite VT based t-shirt company has their kids shirts on sale for $5 off and if anyone was wondering baby #3 needs this onsie so s/he can match with the older littles. 

Babylist is my new favorite spot to keep a running list of things we need/want for baby #3.

Swooning over these ombre spray bottles

Dreaming about the days when I can sip one of these Spring cocktails

Enjoy your weekend! 

Father’s Day Weekends at The Sou’Wester

IMG_8930We didn’t really have much planned for Father’s Day weekend since we have been so busy and already took a mini coast trip back in May but at the very last minute (I’m talking Wednesday) I decided to see if The Sou’Wester had any open trailers for a night away. The Sou’Wester has become one of our favorite spots to visit and this was our second time as a family and Neil’s third visit (he went on a work retreat there last July).

IMG_8940Anyways to my delight they had a few trailers still open so I asked Neil if he would want to go and of course he did so we decided to head to the Coast Friday afternoon just for the night. We would have liked to stay two nights but Neil had a Sunday Father’s Day 5k to get home to so one night it was.

IMG_8733Sou'Wester- Spartan Masion

IMG_8715Sou'Wester- Seaview Sou'Wester- Smiles with Daddy IMG_8868 IMG_8901

While the weather wasn’t really on our side (it was overcast and a little chilly) we still had a wonderful time “camping” out in Seaview at The Sou’Wester. We enjoyed a little family time without the distraction of our massive at home to do list and Neil and I were able to spend a little alone time chatting, drinking (root)beer, eating Earth Balance Sour Cream & Onion Chips and playing many hands of cribbage while Edith slept.

Check out more photos from our trip to The Sou’Wester, Astoria and the weekend over on Naturally Family today!

P.S. this post is not sponsored and we paid our own way to stay at The Sou’Wester we just love it there so I wanted to share.


Things I’m Loving Lately: Weekend Edition

Salt & Straw: Coconut Ice Cream with Petunia’s Salted Caramel Bar –> Seriously this ice cream is insane.  It was just released on Thursday and we already went for cones and then yesterday we bought a pint for our anniversary (hmmm and there are leftovers in the freezer…)
salt and straw petunia's(Almost) Nightly Park Dates: we have been taking Edith to the park almost nightly to have a little outside time before bed and so Neil and Edith can go down the slides. Edith is too much sometimes – lately after every turn she has on the slide she wants Neil go to down too and will sit next to the slide and say ‘dada, slide’ and won’t move until he takes his turn. sellwood parkSoaking Up The Moments With Edith: We are going to a family of four soon and while I am excited (and nervous) for this new journey I am trying to soak up the time I have with Edith before our new baby arrives.
mt tabor park belly ball
Celebrating Life With Neil: This Saturday we celebrated 6 years of marriage. What a ride it has been and I can’t wait to celebrate many, many, many, many more years.
What are you loving lately?