i am resilient.

Summer 2018 you’re not what I envisioned and it’s a struggle to mentally process this all.

But I am resilient.

Full moon, Mercury Retrograde and too many weeks of solo parenting. 

I am resilient.

If I am being totally honest I went to a new moon circle at the end of June and this was the mantra I received and I didn’t know what it meant for me. I have been sitting with it for the past month and just like that it hit me that this is my mantra for this summer for the last 13 months as I navigate postpartum once again. Becoming a parent to 3 littles, Neil’s new job that has resulted in the most time we have ever spent away from each other In nearly 12 years and add solo parenting has made this a very challenging season of life but I am resilient.

So when I am feeling the weight of things whether it’s parenting solo, working through hormone imbalances, dealing with disappointment that seems to be a trend this summer and having those days where I feel like I’m not enough (be, doing, loving) I have to remind myself that I AM RESILIENT.

pssst you’re resilient too ❤️

Body Image & 4th Trimester Body Project

I am learning to appreciate this body everyday and at very size. I am learning to appreciate this body that has experienced 3 miscarriages, carried 3 babies to term, birthed 3 amazing beings, has nursed 55 months and counting, has carried my children as bitty babies, wiggly toddlers and heavy big kids. It has hiked hundreds of miles and run races. It has been a variety of sizes, weights, and it has also been hated for so long despite all of the amazing things it has done. So while I am a still working to be happy at every size while still working on feeling stronger and confident in my body I now have these images to hold with me. I mean look how incredible my family is. Look at those sweet faces. Look at us together.

Head on over to The 4th Trimester Body Project to read my full story. 

Take Care Of Yourself & My Acupuncture Journey

Take care of yourself.

This is one of my favorite spots to sit because it means in a few minutes I will enter a space that is just for me. A space that takes care of my mind and body with the help of my incredible acupuncturist Brooke @vetiveracupuncture. I have been going to acupuncture off and on for 6 years mostly when I was ready to get one of my babies out or to help them flip but over the last 15 months it has been a part of my (semi) regular routine. I have gone for support during my pregnancy with Ingrid to help her flip and to help encourage her to join us Earth side, as part of my early postpartum days to support healing, for the pain and numbness experienced in my shoulder/arm due to breastfeeding and now for support as I work to balance my hormones and gain control over my anxieties.

All I can say is make time for things that support you whether you are a mother or not. I am working at it and each postpartum period I have to re-learn this and put it back into action. Sometimes it happens easily and other times (like currently) it takes time and a constant reminder that it is important. That I am important. That my mental and physical health is important.

If someone hasn’t told you today or you’re not feeling it you should know that you’re important too.

10 Things About Me

I shared this post over on my Instagram but I thought why not share this here as well. It’s been awhile since I have shared an about me and thought why not? 

1 | Superpower: Cooking dinner with hungry children at my feet and sharing tips on on how to balance health and wellness while also being a mama. Oh and because mamahood isn’t easy I like to share the good with struggles.

2 | Can’t Live Without: a notebook and a pen, an eye mask for sleeping and pasta.

3 | Believe In: the positive effects of nature while also struggling to believe in myself.

4 | mama to: three incredible little people who teach me something new everyday.

5 | wife to: a rock climbing, computer nerd and incredible man.

6 | health coach: who feels incredible privilege to support women on their journey to optimal health and wellness.

7 | blogger: with two different blogs that are sometimes hard to balance these days.

8| about to turn 33 years old but absolutely hates celebrating her birthday (I don’t mind getting older though).

9 | thinking about how/where I can make time for more self-care.

10 | grew up on the east coast (Vermont) and while I love PDX I’m always an East Coast girl at heart.

Okay, your turn! Share below or tag me in your post so I can learn 10 things about you!