May Intentions | #AYearOfIntentionalLiving

This month I’m all about setting mindful intentions. I want to focus on things that I have been ignoring the past month such as connecting with nature, dreaming big and working hard to achieve my dreams and practicing more patience with everyone. I spent an hour sitting quietly and really thinking about what I want for the next month and I thought I would share my May intentions with you. 

  1. Shop Slow. As I shared in my previous post this months is about shopping as locally as possible and in person – no online shopping. 
  2. Connect With Nature Everyday. This is as simple as spending 10-15 minutes or more out in nature. Observing the trees, the flowers, listening for the birds, feeling the breeze. 
  3. Move Your Body. I tell you I haven’t been moving this body of mine enough. I however purchased a Groupon for a yoga studio that I need to activate because I spent the money but more because this body needs some regular activity. 
  4. Tell Your Story. I’ll be honest 90% of the time I hold back. I don’t share my story, my truth and I think it’s time. This may be publicly, to close friends, to my husband or simply to myself in a notebook. 
  5. Manifest your dreams.  I have so many dreams and ideas but I am quick to talk myself out of things or tell myself I can’t do it. This month is about saying ‘yes you can’ and actually putting that all into motion. 
  6. Practice Patience.  My patience is thin. Like paper thin and I need to slow my mind down, slow my words down and practice more patience with my family but also with myself and everyone else in my life. 
  7. Breathe deeply. We recently received a new book called My Magic Breath that teaches children the magic of breathing; how focusing on the breath can help to move sadness and frustration and make space for positive and happy thoughts. After reading and practicing this with my children it was a reminder to myself how the beneficial our breath is. 

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