Take Care Of Yourself & My Acupuncture Journey

Take care of yourself.

This is one of my favorite spots to sit because it means in a few minutes I will enter a space that is just for me. A space that takes care of my mind and body with the help of my incredible acupuncturist Brooke @vetiveracupuncture. I have been going to acupuncture off and on for 6 years mostly when I was ready to get one of my babies out or to help them flip but over the last 15 months it has been a part of my (semi) regular routine. I have gone for support during my pregnancy with Ingrid to help her flip and to help encourage her to join us Earth side, as part of my early postpartum days to support healing, for the pain and numbness experienced in my shoulder/arm due to breastfeeding and now for support as I work to balance my hormones and gain control over my anxieties.

All I can say is make time for things that support you whether you are a mother or not. I am working at it and each postpartum period I have to re-learn this and put it back into action. Sometimes it happens easily and other times (like currently) it takes time and a constant reminder that it is important. That I am important. That my mental and physical health is important.

If someone hasn’t told you today or you’re not feeling it you should know that you’re important too.

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