i am resilient.

Summer 2018 you’re not what I envisioned and it’s a struggle to mentally process this all.

But I am resilient.

Full moon, Mercury Retrograde and too many weeks of solo parenting. 

I am resilient.

If I am being totally honest I went to a new moon circle at the end of June and this was the mantra I received and I didn’t know what it meant for me. I have been sitting with it for the past month and just like that it hit me that this is my mantra for this summer for the last 13 months as I navigate postpartum once again. Becoming a parent to 3 littles, Neil’s new job that has resulted in the most time we have ever spent away from each other In nearly 12 years and add solo parenting has made this a very challenging season of life but I am resilient.

So when I am feeling the weight of things whether it’s parenting solo, working through hormone imbalances, dealing with disappointment that seems to be a trend this summer and having those days where I feel like I’m not enough (be, doing, loving) I have to remind myself that I AM RESILIENT.

pssst you’re resilient too ❤️

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