1. I learned that this honey alternative is made from apples in Minnesota which is very interesting because I am used to honey alternatives that are made out of rice or agave, apples are new to me.

  2. Emily

    How odd–they use cane sugar, but don’t indicate that it’s raw or at least processed without bone char. I haven’t heard of this before; guess I will have to look for more details.

  3. I’d love to try a bottle because honey is the one thing I’m not vegan for – specifically for the reasons you stated (agave is too thin and too sweet for some recipes).

  4. moonsword

    I’d like to try it because one of my favorite salad dressings as a kid was honey and apple juice…and I miss it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. moonsword

    I learned that Bee Free Honee is made in Minnesota using strictly Midwest apples and packaging in order to keep everything as green as possible.

  6. Ashley

    I would love to try Bee Free Honee because it’s one of the most greenest farms out there and I support good practices!

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