1. Lindsay that dinner looks awesome! I loved reading this post and being reminded of so many of the pointers and techniques that you have provided for me that I’ve begun incorporating into my eating habits. Kale is a regular on the menu for me, and all of my soy sauce has been replaced by Bragg’s 🙂 Tomorrow I think I’m making my first lentil soup (with kombu of course) 🙂

  2. Ok..I know the ending to that little ditty…”Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you….” but I won’t finish it lest it not be appreciated. 🙂

    I never appreciated the flavor of beans or how versatile they were for creating outstanding recipes until I went vegetarian several years ago. Even though I eat a lot of them now, there are certain types that seem to provide the “magical” element that can be a bit embarrassing, even if I soak them well.

  3. mmm… beans and greens are the story of my vegetarian life! I just found your blog, but I can’t wait to browse around and try out some of your cooking tips and recipes!

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