Holiday Gift Guide 2015 | PDX Edition

2015 PDX Gift Guide

When it comes to holiday shopping we are pretty minimalist with our gift giving. We like to focus on gifting things that are of high quality, locally purchased and fit one of our categories: wear, want, read, create plus stockings (you can read more about that here). We have recently started doing a bit of holiday shopping and here are a few things that I have picked up from various shops around Portland. A few items for us an a few gifts to give to family and friends.2015 Portland Gift Guide

1. Fermenting Weight ($10) from Portland Homestead Supply.  If you are around Neil or I long enough we are bound to bring up Portland Homestead Supply. It is one our favorite shops in Portland and is filled with all sorts of things for DIYing at home from making soaps, lip balm, and candles to fermenting and preserving. Plus if you have little ones there are a few cute goats and chickens out back that you can visit; a weekly occurrence for our family. As for this item Neil actually purchased it for himself. This fermenting weight is perfect for anyone who is looking to get into fermenting. Pair it with a nice wide mouth jar, a lid and air lock and you have the perfect gift. 

2. Molly Muriel Lip Balm ($4), find at the Molly Muriel store front in Milwaukie, OR or at various shops around Portland. This lip balm is fantastic and it is made locally here in Portland. It would make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list. Molly Muriel also has a variety of other skincare products and some pretty amazing smelling candles. 

3. Folding Ruler ($10) found at Schoolhouse ElectricSo I’ll be honest this is the most exiting item you can find at Schoolhouse Electric but I still love it and think it makes a really great gift. Schoolhouse Electric is a beautiful shop and is filled with something for everyone. You won’t have a hard time finding something there. Personally I wish I just lived there. 

4. Portland Bridge Magnets ($10) from April BlackWe came across April Black at the Portland Night Market and just fell in love with her art work. We ended up picking up two sets of magnets and some cards to gift this Christmas. I’m wishing we had picked up a few things for ourselves as well but alas we didn’t so I’ll have to make an order sometime soon to get a few of her beautiful prints. 

5. I love Books Pin ($3-5) found at TildeI can’t remember who this pin is by but it was one of the things I picked up on a recent Tilde trip. Tilde is another one of my favorite shops in Portland. It is filled with beautiful locally made jewelry, beautiful candles, skincare, greeting cards, bags including Matt & Nat for my fellow vegans and so much more. We love to pick up gifts here. 

6. Soy Wax Candle ($15) from Wooly Beast Designs. I have known about Wooly Beast Designs for awhile because the owner was in a family meetup group I had a few years ago but it wasn’t until the Portland Night Market that I actually smelled any of her candles. Neil and I fell in love with The Bearded Man sent and we have been burning it for the last week. I am disappointed that I didn’t get in a Black Friday order to get a few more candles but I am still planning to pick up a few for friends and for myself. 

7. Seely Mint Patties ($8) found at Whole Foods. The Seely mint farm is located along the Columbia River on the way to Astoria. The Seely’s us mint oil they distill from their 450-acre mint farm to make these delicious patties. The patties are also gluten free and vegan so they would be perfect for most anyone on your holiday list.  I think they would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

As you can see there of great shops and products here in Portland. What are some of your favorite local Portland shops and/or products? Any local products that I should add to my gift giving list?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in anyway. I purchased all of the items with my own money with the exception of the box of Seely mints that was sent to me to sample. 

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers


STRONG & KIND Bars: These are the perfect stocking stuffer for the person who is really into savory foods or for someone who loves a sweet and salty combination. We received a box of these bars to try (thank you KIND) and I have been loving (most) of them. These bars include pea protein making them a great protein source and they also have all 9 essential amino acids. Oh and they taste great. My favorite flavors are honey mustard and honey smoked BBQ. I also liked the hickory and jalapeno but the Thai chili just wasn’t for me. 

Eat Nakd Bars: Of course if I included a savory bar I felt like it was in order to also feature a sweet bar as well. I first came across these bars on Instagram and had to try them. After trying most of the flavors the rhubarb & custard is my absolute favorite. These bars are made from raw fruits and nuts and are gluten and wheat free and vegan! Most only have 3 total ingredients. P.S. I’ll have a giveaway for these bars soon so stay tuned to learn how you can win your own box. 

eos Lip Balm: Seriously one of my favorite lip balms. They are moisturizing and they come in great flavors and who doesn’t love the round shape? I found this set on Amazon and the great part is that you can break the package up and include them a few stockings. 

Dream Zone Sleep Mask: There is not a night that goes by that I don’t use a sleep mask. I became addicted to them when my friend Laura made me one for Christmas many years ago and now I can’t sleep without one. I actually received this exact mask last year in my stocking from Neil. 

Weleda Indulgent Body Lotion Kit: I love to have little travel sized lotions to throw into my purse especially in the winter. This pack has four different lotions all mosturizing and all with their own benefits. Again this is another great kit to buy and distribute among a few stockings. 

Bombas Socks: I know socks are kind of boring but we all wear socks or at least most of us do so they are perfect for a stocking. Plus these socks are awesome! Super comfy and supportive and the perfect gift for him or her. 

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. There are a few affiliate links include. 

2014 Holiday Gift Guide | For the Foodie


For the Raw FoodieThe Raw Food Beginner Deck – This little deck of cards has everything for your raw foods kitchen. It provides you with a card for setting up your kitchen, recipes for juicing, blending and so much more. You’ll find some pretty amazing recipes for raw vegan cheese, luxurious raw desserts and so much more. 

For the Healthy ChefEat Clean Live Well – I have been loving this cookbook lately. It is filled with seasonal recipes (I’ll be sharing one tomorrows on the blog) that are nourishing, healthy and of so tasty. Perfect for a foodie friend.

For the Veggie LoverVegetable Tea Towels– these beautiful towels are on my own holiday wish list this year. These are made by a Vermont based husband and wife duo who also have a number of other wonderful products from bags, to tops for kids and adults, scarves and even a treat for your kitty. 

A Treat for the Foodie’s StockingKandy Kale – as we all know kale chips are all the rage (people still say that right?) anyways they are super popular but have you tried kandy kale chips? These things are addictive but a little pricy ($5-7/bag) so your foodie friend might not buy these for themselves so why not treat them to a tasty and healthy treat! I recommend the Sea Salt Caramel flavor. 

A Spicy Treat for your Favorite FoodieSriracha2Go – I might deem this the best invention of the year. As a sriracha addict, I went through about one bottle per month when I was pregnant with Edith, I think this is the perfect gift. I don’t know how many times I’m out and I just wish I had sriracha on hand but all to be found is Tabasco (yuck) now with this little key chain you and/or your foodie friend will never go without sriracha! 

Disclaimer: while this post is NOT IN ANY WAY SPONSORED there are affiliate links.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide | For The Cook

For the Cook


For the juice lover(s) Breville Compact Juice Fountain – we bought ours five years ago and it works wonderfully. Great for 1-2 people. 

For the smoothie, soup, nut butter and sauce lover Blendtec Total Blender Classic with WildSide & Twister Jars– again we have had ours for five years and it is one of the most used items in our kitchen.  I seriously use it daily. You could always go with the Blendtec Total Blender Classic (sans Twister Jar) but I would recommend getting the add on (it’s on my own ‘to buy list’). 

For the creamy soup and sauce lover Cuisinart Smart Stick– another highly used kitchen tool. I have again had mine for years and it is used a few times per week. So great for creamy blended soups and pasta sauces. Oh and it comes in a variety of colors! 

For the zoodle and salad lover – Brieftons InstantVeg Spiralizer – I know that many people love their Paderno spirializer and I used to own one myself but I bought the Brieftons a few months ago and it’s far superior (IMO). The only down fall to it is that you have to cut your veggies to fit the holder but otherwise it does an amazing job. 

For the cooks stocking– OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer – another absolute favorite kitchen item that I use nearly every day and it will fit perfectly in your cooks stocking. Want to take it up a notch (take note hubby) you could go for the OXO Good Grips Complete Grate and Slicer Set or the OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

For any cook – Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep 525-Watt Food Processor– you might be thinking ummm you are recommending I get this cheap-o food processor for my loved one? Why, yes I am! I bought this food processor many years ago and I really love it. I know it’s not the super fancy, higher powered ones that are out there but it really does the job. I won’t lie to you I am lusting after the more high end ones but this is a great and affordable option. 

Disclaimer: while this post is NOT IN ANY WAY SPONSORED all of the links are affiliate links.