2014 Holiday Gift Guide | For the Foodie


For the Raw FoodieThe Raw Food Beginner Deck – This little deck of cards has everything for your raw foods kitchen. It provides you with a card for setting up your kitchen, recipes for juicing, blending and so much more. You’ll find some pretty amazing recipes for raw vegan cheese, luxurious raw desserts and so much more. 

For the Healthy ChefEat Clean Live Well – I have been loving this cookbook lately. It is filled with seasonal recipes (I’ll be sharing one tomorrows on the blog) that are nourishing, healthy and of so tasty. Perfect for a foodie friend.

For the Veggie LoverVegetable Tea Towels– these beautiful towels are on my own holiday wish list this year. These are made by a Vermont based husband and wife duo who also have a number of other wonderful products from bags, to tops for kids and adults, scarves and even a treat for your kitty. 

A Treat for the Foodie’s StockingKandy Kale – as we all know kale chips are all the rage (people still say that right?) anyways they are super popular but have you tried kandy kale chips? These things are addictive but a little pricy ($5-7/bag) so your foodie friend might not buy these for themselves so why not treat them to a tasty and healthy treat! I recommend the Sea Salt Caramel flavor. 

A Spicy Treat for your Favorite FoodieSriracha2Go – I might deem this the best invention of the year. As a sriracha addict, I went through about one bottle per month when I was pregnant with Edith, I think this is the perfect gift. I don’t know how many times I’m out and I just wish I had sriracha on hand but all to be found is Tabasco (yuck) now with this little key chain you and/or your foodie friend will never go without sriracha! 

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  1. Cute gift guide!! Love those tea towels. I love pretty cookbooks as gifts, too. (I was raw vegan for 3 years and seriously damaged my health, teeth, and metabolism, though, so I I’ll have to skip that one. Although cashew cream cheese is good!!)

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