Indian Fusion Rice

One afternoon decided that we wanted to make some fried rice. We decided to have lentil burgers with our fried rice.

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First we made a cup of brown rice in our rice cooker. While the rice was cooking I heated up the wok and fried up some mushrooms and green onions in a little bit of oil. Once rice is finished I added the rice. To give the rice an Indian flavour to go with the lentil burger I added 2 tablespoons of Garam Masala and then a tablespoon of tamari to balance the flavours.

A Single Pebble

Delicious family style REAL CHINESE resturant in Burlington, Vermont. Has a variety of vegan options!

Menu Options

small plates:

Vegetable Red Oil Dumplings

Six house made steamed dumplings filled with spinach, shiitake mushrooms, & seasoned bean curd, topped with red oil sauce.

Potsticker Style Dumplings

Five traditional hand formed dumplings served with a ginger vinegar sauce.

Cha Tzu Style Eggplant

Japanese eggplant dipped in tempura batter with a ginger hoisin sauce.
8.75egetable 5.95

Mock Eel

Braised shiitake mushrooms in a ginger sauce. a delightful, crispy flavor and texture.
8.95 (my favorite item)

Double Garlic Broccoli

Wok-fried Broccli in House Garlic sauce with cashew nuts.

Noodles and Rice

Cold Sesame Noodle

Lo mein style noodles with famous house sesame sauce.
Classic 7.95

Chow Fun Noodle

Fresh wide rice noodle.
Vegetable 16.95

Fried Rice

An exceptional version of the traditional dish.
Vegetable 8.75

Beijing Street Noodle

Wheat noodles tossed with fresh garlic, chinkiang vinegar, & soy. everyday chinese cuisine.

Capital Vegetable Noodle

Fresh and seasoned pressed tofu with diced chinese vegetables in a peking sauce over lo mein.

Copper Well Noodle

A very flavorful garlic, sesame seed, & chili sauce topping a lo mein style noodle.

Lo Mein Hong Kong Style

The ingredients in Hong Kong lo mein are layered rather than wok tossed. Traditional lo mein.
Crispy bean curd 14.25

Lo Mein

Mushroom 10.95

Vegetable Dishes:

Salt & Pepper Tofu

Wok seared batons of tofu, tossed with red chili peppers, scallions, ginger, & garlic.

Many Mushroom Tofu

Crispy tofu with straw, shiitake, & fresh mushrooms with chinese vegetables in a black bean sauce.

Orange Taste Bean Cake

Crispy bean cake, chinese greens, & vegetables with orange peel in a pungent garlic sauce.

Buddha’s Sesame Beef

Crispy seitan served with mixed vegetables in a sesame garlic sauce. A house favorite.

General Chou’s Mock Chicken

Seitan showered in a red chili sauce, framed with broccoli crowns.

Sweet & Pungent Walnuts

Battered walnuts, red peppers, onions, & bean cake glazed in a sweet and pungent sauce.

Double Garlic Eggplant

Tender japanese eggplant braised with a special garlic sauce.

Chinese Greens

Quick poached choys, then wok tossed to retain crispness and flavor.

Chinese Broccoli

Poached with shiitake mushroom sauce. seasonal availability and price.

Yu Choy

A very flavorful bright green chinese vegetable that complements all single pebble dishes.

Hearts of Baby Bok Choy

Served with braised shiitake mushroom.


Fresh Nappa

A cri
spy cabbage tossed in a cilantro & rice wine vinegar dressing.

Sichuan Spicy Cucumber

showered with a garlic, chili, & rice vinegar dressing.

amazin food try it!Chinese restaurants, Chinese food, Burlington VTChinese restaurants, Chinese food, Burlington VT

The Blue Door

The Blue Door is a resturant in Fredericton, NB, Canada and is one of my boyfriend and mine’s favorite date spots. Amazing martini’s and delicious food!

Veggie Spring Rolls with hosin dipping sauce
Green Salad
the roll and garlic margarine

Pad thai w/ tofu- minus the egg and fish sauce
eat your veggies stir fry w/tofu
wok chicken w/tofu- minus the chicken

The People's Potato

Concordia University
7th Floor – Hall Building
Montreal, Quebec

The People’s Potato is a worker run, consensus-based collective. They serve free/by donation vegan meals. All of the food is donated by local businesses. It’s a very important service for Montreal’s poor and underprivileged, students and non-students alike.

They serve yummy, healthy and nutritious meals consisting of vegetables/products that were donated to them by local businesses. This way produce that would have been wasted because it had cosmetic flaws can be used instead of being thrown away. They usually serve a salad, soup and side from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

While vacationing in montreal, my girlfriend and I had the following at the People’s Potato:

  • Friday – spinach soup and vegetables with beans and couscous
  • Monday – couscous and cole slaw with apples (we got there late and missed the soup)

It’s a great environment and great initiative with a real sense of community.

They also provide free workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics, such as vegan cooking and nutrition, recycling, alternatives to the market system of food distribution, food security issues,and social justice politics.

Five Spice

The Best Asian Resturant in Vermont- according to Lindsay

This amazing Asian resturant includes a variety of vegan options such as:

  • Sesame-Peanut Noodles or Spicy Hunan Black Bean Noodles Lo mein (egg noodles) served cold. The Sesame-Peanut Noodles made our Sesame-Peanut Sauce To Go a huge seller! Our Hunan Noodles are within the great Hunan tradition. 4.99
  • Sampler of Noodles Cold Hunan and Sesame-Peanut Noodles plus Spicy Cucumbers. 5.99
  • Spicy Cucumbers Crisp, spicy, a refreshing pause between mild or hot dishes. 4.75

Vegetarian Siu Mai Cup – shaped steamed dumplings filled with Thai red rice and white sticky rice, mushrooms and “Secret Spices.” SPECIFY VEGETARIAN WHEN ORDERING. 6.25

  • Vegetarian Sampler Tofu with Sesame-Peanut Sauce, Vegetarian Siu Mai, Sesame-Peanut and Hunan Noodles, and Spicy Cucumbers. (Spicy and mild items.) 11.99
  • Dim Sum Sampler For a hint how wonderful our Dim Sum brunch is, try our Chef’s selection of eight savory dumplings (four kinds), plus Cold Hunan or Sesame-Peanut Noodles and Spicy Cucumbers. SPECIFY VEGETARIAN OR MIXED. 10.99

  • Evil Jungle Princess with Tofu Our vegetarian version of the popular Evil Jungle Prince. With lots of mixed vegetables, tofu, lemon grass, chilies, Keffir lime leaves, and coconut milk. Lunch 8.99 Dinner 16.99
  • Indonesian-Style Mock Duck – The seitan tastes like real duck. So feast on a shower of vegetables in a rich delicious sesame-peanut sauce. Even better with a touch of heat. SPECIFY HOT OR MILD. Lunch 8.99 Dinner 16.99
  • Vegetarian Kung Pao An all-vegetarian version of a classic Chinese-menu staple. Delectable crispy chunks of seitan (wheat gluten) stir fried with cabbage, hot peppers, and peanuts in tangy sauce. SPECIFY VEGETARIAN WHEN ORDERING Lunch 8.99 Dinner 16.99
  • Indonesian Vegetables Vegetables stir fried in our interpretation of what may be the world’s best hot sauce. Its complexity fills the mouth with flavor. We wish we had invented it! (We do sell the sauce.) Lunch 8.50 Dinner 15.50
  • Thai Mock Beef in Red Curry In a fabulous sauce of red curry, coconut, lemon grass, and soy sauce, with fresh vegetables and basil. Served on rice noodles. Lunch 8.50 Dinner 15.50

Amazing food and most vegetarian/vegan dishes can be made with seitan,tempeh or tofu!

this place is incredible!!!!

Zabby and Elf's Stone Soup

Stone Soup is located in Burlington, Vermont and is a vegan friendly resturant. Their menu includes items such as:

A Vegan Club that has marinated tofu and tempeh on it for $6.95
Hummus and vegetable sandwiches for $6.95
there is also a hot bar which has many vegan items and a salad bar and soups

on saturday’s there is brunch from 9am-1pm and it inculdes a seitan hash, home fries and tofu scramble, along with salad bar and fruit

I also would reccommend trying one of the ice teas my favorite being Iced Duality- a blend of assam and ceylon tea with lemonade and mint.

Make sure to try the many vegan treats (muffins, cookies, cakes, and pies) that are also offered!

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