A Single Pebble

Delicious family style REAL CHINESE resturant in Burlington, Vermont. Has a variety of vegan options!

Menu Options

small plates:

Vegetable Red Oil Dumplings

Six house made steamed dumplings filled with spinach, shiitake mushrooms, & seasoned bean curd, topped with red oil sauce.

Potsticker Style Dumplings

Five traditional hand formed dumplings served with a ginger vinegar sauce.

Cha Tzu Style Eggplant

Japanese eggplant dipped in tempura batter with a ginger hoisin sauce.
8.75egetable 5.95

Mock Eel

Braised shiitake mushrooms in a ginger sauce. a delightful, crispy flavor and texture.
8.95 (my favorite item)

Double Garlic Broccoli

Wok-fried Broccli in House Garlic sauce with cashew nuts.

Noodles and Rice

Cold Sesame Noodle

Lo mein style noodles with famous house sesame sauce.
Classic 7.95

Chow Fun Noodle

Fresh wide rice noodle.
Vegetable 16.95

Fried Rice

An exceptional version of the traditional dish.
Vegetable 8.75

Beijing Street Noodle

Wheat noodles tossed with fresh garlic, chinkiang vinegar, & soy. everyday chinese cuisine.

Capital Vegetable Noodle

Fresh and seasoned pressed tofu with diced chinese vegetables in a peking sauce over lo mein.

Copper Well Noodle

A very flavorful garlic, sesame seed, & chili sauce topping a lo mein style noodle.

Lo Mein Hong Kong Style

The ingredients in Hong Kong lo mein are layered rather than wok tossed. Traditional lo mein.
Crispy bean curd 14.25

Lo Mein

Mushroom 10.95

Vegetable Dishes:

Salt & Pepper Tofu

Wok seared batons of tofu, tossed with red chili peppers, scallions, ginger, & garlic.

Many Mushroom Tofu

Crispy tofu with straw, shiitake, & fresh mushrooms with chinese vegetables in a black bean sauce.

Orange Taste Bean Cake

Crispy bean cake, chinese greens, & vegetables with orange peel in a pungent garlic sauce.

Buddha’s Sesame Beef

Crispy seitan served with mixed vegetables in a sesame garlic sauce. A house favorite.

General Chou’s Mock Chicken

Seitan showered in a red chili sauce, framed with broccoli crowns.

Sweet & Pungent Walnuts

Battered walnuts, red peppers, onions, & bean cake glazed in a sweet and pungent sauce.

Double Garlic Eggplant

Tender japanese eggplant braised with a special garlic sauce.

Chinese Greens

Quick poached choys, then wok tossed to retain crispness and flavor.

Chinese Broccoli

Poached with shiitake mushroom sauce. seasonal availability and price.

Yu Choy

A very flavorful bright green chinese vegetable that complements all single pebble dishes.

Hearts of Baby Bok Choy

Served with braised shiitake mushroom.


Fresh Nappa

A cri
spy cabbage tossed in a cilantro & rice wine vinegar dressing.

Sichuan Spicy Cucumber

showered with a garlic, chili, & rice vinegar dressing.

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