The People's Potato

Concordia University
7th Floor – Hall Building
Montreal, Quebec

The People’s Potato is a worker run, consensus-based collective. They serve free/by donation vegan meals. All of the food is donated by local businesses. It’s a very important service for Montreal’s poor and underprivileged, students and non-students alike.

They serve yummy, healthy and nutritious meals consisting of vegetables/products that were donated to them by local businesses. This way produce that would have been wasted because it had cosmetic flaws can be used instead of being thrown away. They usually serve a salad, soup and side from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

While vacationing in montreal, my girlfriend and I had the following at the People’s Potato:

  • Friday – spinach soup and vegetables with beans and couscous
  • Monday – couscous and cole slaw with apples (we got there late and missed the soup)

It’s a great environment and great initiative with a real sense of community.

They also provide free workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics, such as vegan cooking and nutrition, recycling, alternatives to the market system of food distribution, food security issues,and social justice politics.

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