1. I keep hearing good things about ClassPass. I love the idea of not being tied down to a particular location and getting to try a variety of classes. It’s great that you’ve re-evaluated your routine and are trying something different. I hope that it works better and you enjoy the variety!

  2. I’m glad that you realized that a regular gym membership wasn’t for you but are also still exploring options for other ways to get to gym classes. I know I need classes to get me doing new things and motivated. I don’t have a regular membership, but I keep buying a 10 pass at Pulse PDX so that I can choose any of the classes based on how my calendar works, and I like that the variety of class times that include early morning (ok not for me, but a good option), right after work but before dinner, and a few during the weekend. i haven’t tried ClassPass but I clearly support the a la carte pick by classes option!

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