1. I’m going to have to check out this book about de-cluttering from the library! I could use the help in that area as we are looking to move at the end of the month. Those vintage campers are ADORABLE. Looks like a great spot to vacation 🙂 Cheers!

  2. I have been wanting to read that book but I’m currently #768 on the library’s wait list (at least it feels that way!). And I love that one of your goals is to make more memories. What a wonderful aspiration!

    Lately I’m loving iced tea and lemon water. It’s been so flipping hot that mixing up my plain water routine helps me keep hydrated.

  3. Nothing like binge watching TV especially in this crazy heat! I recently started watching VICE on HBO, which are like mini documentaries, super interesting and only about 15 minutes each so they are easy when you just need a little break! I also have been digging the new Smith Tea iced tea that you can make at home!

  4. i just finished season 5 of PLL. i am 12 too! it sucks ya in! and i read the marie kondo book as well! fantastic! changed my wardrobe, for sure!

  5. There is something fun about binge watching TV with someone else so I feel a little less guilty about it because there’s 2 of us in this indulgence!

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