#WIAW: NadaMoo! | Dairy-free and Delicious


Apparently I have a real sweet tooth lately because once again here is another dessert What I ate Wednesday. This past weekend we met up with friends for a picnic and a little ice cream social at Cathedral Park here in Portland. 

If you are a Naturally Family (NF) reader you know that we do weekly playdates with a few other families and if you have a toddler you know playdates usually revolve around food. That being said our playdates have become snack dates that we feature almost weekly over on NF. This week it was all about the NadaMoo coconut milk frozen dessert. 


I actually wasn’t planning on sharing about our ice cream social over here but these vegan “ice creams” are just so good I thought that you guys might be interested as well. I’ll also admit two of the flavors didn’t make it to the park with us because as soon as the package arrived Neil and Edith felt the need to dive right in.  I was out at a blogger event and received a text message of Edith diving into a pint of Cookies & Creme. Of course the following night I felt the need to try what was left of the Cookies & Creme but after a spoonful I just wasn’t really digging it so I decided to dive into the Chocolate Almond Chip and I ended up finishing off most of the pint on Saturday (#keepinitreal). 


What stood out to me about these coconut milk “ice cream” (frozen dessert) was just how rich, natural and clean the flavors were. The Chocolate Almond Chip had a really rich cacao flavor and it honestly took me about 3-4 bites before I started to get a really good taste for the chocolate. It’s much more bittersweet tasting so I feel like the flavor through me off a bit but as I ate more of it the more I loved it. Also loved the almonds. The almonds were whole and just had a natural nutty taste to them – my description is really not doing it justice. The Maple Pecan was the same way – just such amazing nuttiness. 


So Monday came and so did our picnic date. I packed everything up and adults, tots and even two of the three babies gave NadaMoo a try. Head on over to Naturally Family to find out which flavors came out on top.

Also Portland Area Friends NadaMoo is coming to New Seasons in June and Haggen this Summer! 

Which flavor would you like to try? I really want to try the PB & Chocolate and the Chai. 


  1. These sound yummy! We’re not dairy-free but one of my daughter’s friends is, so this would be a good thing to have on hand when she comes over.

  2. Sold on Maple Pecan! I love ice cream, but don’t have it too much because apparently I am somewhat lactose intolerant, so this would be perfect for me!

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