Currently 1.23.14

Currently Craving: Harlow Vegan Mac & Cheese

Currently Craving: Harlow Vegan Mac & Cheese

Thinking about:  How much work there is to do in this house before baby #2 arrives. We are the WORST when it comes to moving in and settling into a new home. Our downstairs office is still filled with half empty boxes and is a super mess. I have piles and piles of clothes to wash and put away (goal for today) and we just really need to get things organized. So that is what I am thinking about right now. I am working hard to find time during the day to focus on organizing but some days it just doesn’t happen for example Tuesday Edith was having a super cranky toddler day which meant I got nothing done, but that’s fine because I got to spend lots of time cuddling with her. I am really working on creating weekly goals and chores to keep myself on track. What system do you use?

Feeling: So much better! This pregnancy, just like Edith’s, started out with extreme morning sickness and while I still have an off day/afternoon here and there for the most part I am on the up swing!

Watching: Neil and I have been working to cut back on TV but we just finally caught up on Haven. Actually I fell asleep last night during the season finale episode so I will probably catch up during Edith’s nap aka my break time.

Reading: Nothing. I know I need to change this.

Looking forward to: Our midwife appointment tonight! It will be our first official appointment with our new midwife (my primary doctor is also a midwife but she isn’t accepting births for July/August).

Making me happy: Watching Edith develop! She is starting to talk more and more everyday. She is just an amazing kid.

What are you doing currently?

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