Currently. 10.7.13


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Thinking about:  Coffee (always). Going to bed. I’m tired but our little one is wild tonight and I’m not sure why either. We took her out on a long walk (part of which she walked), we laughed, ran around and did a variety of energy draining activities but yet she is till awake. I’m also thinking about the 30 blog posts I plan to write and the 10 freelance articles that are pending. Lots on my mind right now.

Feeling: Tired out. Overwhelmed. Happy. Grateful.

Watching: Lately we have been catching up on Top Chef Masters and I have been watching one of my guilty pleasures Switched at Birth on Netflix. Oh and I’m always watching The Office –> for fellow fans there is a new season on Netflix now!

Reading: I am reading Orange Is The New Black- I couldn’t quite get into the show but the book is really good so far. I think I’ll give the show another chance once I finish the book.

Looking forward to: Being completely unpacked, although that could be weeks. I am also looking forward to this weekend because I am hoping we do some sort of Fall activity.

Making me happy: My hardworking husband and my crazy kid. If you are interested in Edith and her crazy antics you should check out the latest Instagram videos and posts –> here


This post was inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

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