Monday Link Up: April 15

vegan cheese plate
What we did this weekend…
We started our weekend off at Vita Cafe where we indulged in a big plate of biscuits and gravy.
We then headed downtown to the library so I could do a little work and Neil and Edith had some daddy-daughter time at Book Babies.
Saturday night we were pretty wild and made homemade pizza and watched TV.
Sunday we skyped with my parents and then we slowly got ourselves together and went out for a 5+ mile run. After our run we were hangry so we headed to Alberta St where I treated us to The Cheese Plate (amazing vegan cheese plate) and Neil Treated us to beer at Captured by Porches.
We then promptly headed home, picked up a few groceries, had dinner and went to bed at 8:15pm.

I am totally lusting after these shoes….I might just have to buy them.

This stir fry looks insane (along with all of the other food on this blog).
I’ll be honest ever since I got pregnant I haven’t been so in love with greens, crazy I know, but this salad does look amazing.
Summer is almost here and it’s time for cold treats like this ice cream.

Since I spent most of my days in running gear and yoga pants of course I have this high on my too purchase list.

Over on Naturally Family…
Along with the shoes I am lusting over above I am also lusting after these sneakers and sandals.
If you really like sippy cups you may want to enter this giveaway, there is only 1 day left to enter!
Just a cute photo of Edith at Vita Cafe.
Here are a few of my favorite mom friendly swimsuits.
OH and can you believe it Edith turned 9 months last week!

New on RWT…
If you haven’t seen it yet RWT has a new look! It’s not 100% finished but it is in a good state so Neil finally revealed what he has been working on (off and on) for the past few months.
RWT New Look

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