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Happy Friday everyone! I’m off to The Hello Sessions for the day and I am nervous to leave my littles for the entire day but I am so excited to meet so many wonderful people and to learn, get inspired and to just have a great time. We have a pretty jam packed weekend but I am sure I’ll find a few moments to peruse the internet and so will you so why not check out these wonderful bloggers and fellow The Hello Session attendees.

Have a great Friday! Share a link to a post from around the web that you are loving this week. 

Weekend Things 10.11.13


– Thinking it’s time for me to update my wardrobe and that this would be a good place to start.

– Planning on perusing this book and making a few more recipes.

– Wishing someone would cook this up for me this weekend.

– Where’s my lounge chair? aka I want to drink this

– We’re planning on doing some Fall activities this weekend and I am thinking that this would be a good end to the weekend.

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Monday Link Up: April 22

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 7.47.04 AM
What we did this weekend…
Friday night I had the house to myself while Neil went to a concert.
Saturday Morningwe started off our morning with breakfast at AND Cafe and then we went to the Saturday Artist Market before heading home to get ready for date night.

Saturday night we dropped Edith off at a local childcare spot and we went out for a drink at Branch, had some small plates at The Station (honestly wasn’t very good), got ourselves some Kombucha Sorbet at Salt and Straw and then a coffee before heading back to pick up Edith.
Sunday we stocked up on yummy baked goods at the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale and we wondered around Mississippi, picked up some groceries and took Edith to play on the baby swings.<

Is it summer yet?…
I am ready to pimp my lemonade, aren’t you?
I also want to be sitting by the fire while I sip on my pimped lemonade or my summer sangria.

Breaking the fast…
It might be because I have breakfast on the mind but I want to veganize these and eat them all right now–> Roasted Blueberry Coconut Quinoa Parfaits, Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola, Roasted Strawberry Parfaits and Raw Breakfast Crumble.

Recipes I want To Make…
I hear that Frito Chili Pie is one of those things everyone is “supposed to” try before they die, so maybe one day (after I have gone for a long run) I’ll make this recipe.
On a healthier note these tacos sound fantastic or how about these nachos.
If you haven’t figured it out yet besides breakfast on the brain I have Tex-Mex on the brain and this salad is on the top of my must try list.

Over on Naturally Family…
You can start off with checking some photos from last weekend.
Then you can move on to some cute photos of Edith Eating.
Lastly, I finally did a cloth diapering update.

Monday Link Up: April 15

vegan cheese plate
What we did this weekend…
We started our weekend off at Vita Cafe where we indulged in a big plate of biscuits and gravy.
We then headed downtown to the library so I could do a little work and Neil and Edith had some daddy-daughter time at Book Babies.
Saturday night we were pretty wild and made homemade pizza and watched TV.
Sunday we skyped with my parents and then we slowly got ourselves together and went out for a 5+ mile run. After our run we were hangry so we headed to Alberta St where I treated us to The Cheese Plate (amazing vegan cheese plate) and Neil Treated us to beer at Captured by Porches.
We then promptly headed home, picked up a few groceries, had dinner and went to bed at 8:15pm.

I am totally lusting after these shoes….I might just have to buy them.

This stir fry looks insane (along with all of the other food on this blog).
I’ll be honest ever since I got pregnant I haven’t been so in love with greens, crazy I know, but this salad does look amazing.
Summer is almost here and it’s time for cold treats like this ice cream.

Since I spent most of my days in running gear and yoga pants of course I have this high on my too purchase list.

Over on Naturally Family…
Along with the shoes I am lusting over above I am also lusting after these sneakers and sandals.
If you really like sippy cups you may want to enter this giveaway, there is only 1 day left to enter!
Just a cute photo of Edith at Vita Cafe.
Here are a few of my favorite mom friendly swimsuits.
OH and can you believe it Edith turned 9 months last week!

New on RWT…
If you haven’t seen it yet RWT has a new look! It’s not 100% finished but it is in a good state so Neil finally revealed what he has been working on (off and on) for the past few months.
RWT New Look

Monday Link Up: April 8

Brooks Glycerin
This weekend…
Friday night we went to a family meet up with one of my mom meet up groups at Lucky Labrador.
We went to breakfast at Suzette and had the most amazing vegan crepes.
We went grocery shopping (I know we’re wild).
We went to buy more coffee beans for Neil to roast and then we went to REI, Whole Foods and Portland Running Company

Guilty Pleasures…
Anyone who really knows me knows that I love to snoop in refrigerators, especially the ones at department stores-hey they used to put fake food in them when I was a kid, anyways today I snooped in Kris Carr’s fridge and you can too (there is real food inside).

Food I want to Eat…
How insane does this crispy cauliflower look?
I could eat a tempeh sandwich everyday. Adding this one to the list.

Clothes I want to Wear…
I hate shorts (on me) so I have been lusting after this skort for summer activities.

Over on Naturally Family…

You can check out some snapshots from our weekend at the coast, check out what Edith has been eating and drinking and read up on Neil’s goals for the month of April.

Don’t Forget…

To enter my More Peas, Thank You giveaway!

Monday Link Up: April 1


This Weekend We…

We escaped to the coast and I can’t wait to share more about our trip this week. (Links to come)

Challenge Yourself…

Today kicks off the start of my April Healthy Challenge (you can still sign up!) but if you aren’t up for running, walking or biking 100 miles how about taking the 100 burpee challenge?

It Starting To Feel A Lot Like Summer…

Summer means BBQ’s and this veggie burger looks amazing and would go great with a side of these pickled green tomatoes and this kale and cabbage salad.

I would love to cool down after a hot day in the sun with one of these creamy milkshakes.

Over on Naturally Family…

Check out last weekends snapshots, my finds for nursing friendly dresses, our adventures in the Ergo at OMSI and our Monday links around the web.


Monday Link Up: March 25


What we did this weekend…

Friday night we went out to for Indian.

Saturday we went to the Portland Farmers Market, the Better Living Expo, had lunch Thai for lunch and picked up green beans.

Sunday we slept in until 8:30am and then had breakfast, skyped with the ‘rents and did a little outlet shopping.

Get your yoga on….

Can you believe we are on the home stretch of March Challenge??? This is a great yoga sequence to try if you’re a runner or just really want to strength your legs (you might want to book mark this for April’s Healthy Challenge :HINT:HINT:).

Say good morning with a little yoga.

Recipes I need to try…

Well you all know how much I love kale and cabbage so obviously I need to try this recipe.

This recipe would be perfect for a hot summer night.

I am dreaming of making these for Edith and I to enjoy during future tea party.


I just bought this DVD and I am ready to tone it up!

Î need to try this move because I think my baby pooch is starting to bark.

City dwellers you may want to read this especially if you are planning to participate in the April healthy challenge.


This week I am wanderlusting after this beautiful location.

Over on Naturally Family…

First stop over and check out the photos from last weekend and then you can read all about The Wonder Weeks, our lullaby song and about shopping consignment for baby.