1. great to read about your experiences with pregnant running Nicole! my runs are a little shorter than yours, and i’ve usually been sticking to 3-5kms now that i’m pregnant. i’m now 20 weeks and even though i always make a pit stop before lacing up, lately it’s tough to get more than 10 minutes out the door before i have to pee again! i’m usually more of an evening running but i might try your first thing tip to beat that added ‘hurdle’!

  2. […] Making Good Choices | Nicole is at the hospital right now awaiting the arrival of her first child and it is so exciting.  I am wishing her the best of luck! I have loved following her pregnancy journey and talking about babies with her.  She has been such an inspiration running and staying active her entire pregnancy. You can check our her guest post about running while pregnant here. […]

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