Weekend Wrap Up: Slowing Down

Friday Night: We started our weekend off with a bang aka we didn’t just spend the night sitting around at home doing nothing. Neil worked from home which meant when he was finished working we could go straight to spending time together rather than having to deal with a commute.

Since it was a beautiful evening I changed into a skirt (YAY finally skirt weather again) and we headed downtown to do a little shopping, walking and wondering around. We picked up a few new shirts for Neil and then decided that it was time for dinner. We debated going out but in the end decided to pick up the fixings for veggie burgers to make at home.

So we picked up the goods and headed home to make delicious veggie burgers and caught up on a few shows.

Saturday: We had minor morning plans to pick up a vegan cupcake from Nibble or Nosh at the market, stop into Plato’s closet to sell some of Neil’s old clothes and pick up fixings for our pizza party later that night. What was going to be a quick trip out to do these things turned into shopping for a new bike for Neil when we saw that North Star was having a bike sale and then I was hungry so we stopped into Healthy Living for a snack and picked up the fixings for our pizza party. Then we were off to Plato’s Closet to sell clothes, which ended up being over an hour wait so we decided to do a little more shopping.

We ended up finding ourselves at Buttered Noodles, a kids shop in Williston. We had always debated stopping in but for some reason the name just really but us off and I think we both imagined there would just be a bunch of random junk there, however we were delightfully surprised. We ended up walking into this huge store that is filled with everything from books and toys to clothes, strollers, and cribs. There was even a small maternity clothes section and a cloth diaper section. Most of the items there were all at a discount, almost like a TJMaxx or Marhsalls. I ended up finding some maternity leggings, a few really cute organic baby clothes and a few books. We will definitely be back another time to pick up more items for the baby, such as the cloth diapers!

Finally an hour passes and we are able to see what Plato’s took and after be coming $29 richer we decided to take ourselves to Thai lunch since we both were super hungry at this point.

After lunch I was just about dead. Apparently the Third Trimester has hit me and I am getting run down real fast. We headed home to clean before our guests came aka Neil did most of the cleaning and I took a nap. Then we pizza partied the night away.

Sunday: This day for me was all about relaxing, catching up on a bit of work and then heading out for a long 5k walk. It was beautiful out and it was a perfect day to walk but boy am I starting to slow down. A few weeks ago I could easily go at an 18-19 minute pace and now I’m closer to averaging 22 minutes per mile, hello third trimester I see you are starting 4 days early.

What did you do this weekend? Where you able to get out and enjoy the weather?

Also Weekend Wrap Ups- yay? or nay?

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