1. Kerry Cloud-Pitt

    wow! I am impressed! I have let go of coffee in the past for stretches of time. I agree, my body always appreciates the break. But I always go back at some point. I simply LOVE coffee SO MUCH! I don’t drink more than a cup or two a day and I drink decaf. It is the ritual of coffee and all that comes with it that I love. For some reason, tea just doesn’t replace it, which is funny considering the ritual aspects and history of tea. I am a Seattle girl at heart and worked in delicious cafes for years and I don’t think coffee will ever leave my life completely. Good luck to you and so great that you know yourself well enough to give your body this gift! Especially during your yoga challenge! I did a Bikram 30 day challenge and it was life changing! Enjoy!

  2. John

    Gave up coffee and alcohol years ago. I used to drink 40 oz. of coffee a day and felt so much better after the withdrawals of giving it up. While in Albuquerque last year I discovered Macadamia Rooibos Tea which has become my favorite tea. Honey Badger Chai is another powerful tea that I drink while I am hiking. At first, I only drank non-caffeinated teas; now I switch it up. I do appreciate the occasional micro-brew, though it is rare and in small quantities. I can especially appreciate a rare artisan beer that is not bottled and marketed.

  3. I’ve eliminated coffee & alcohol. I’ve never been a big fan of alcohol, even during social events, so that was easy for me to eliminate. Coffee was more difficult, but I just replaced it with healthier choices: yerba mate, tea, warm water, coconut juice, etc. I think you will feel much better. I also noticed it helped me sleep regularly too.

  4. WHAT??? I think I’d die if I did that. I love both my coffee and beer…..well good for you. I was just thinking maybe I should take a couple of DAYS off of beer or something. I do take time off from caffeinated coffee sometimes though. And I usually take at least ONE day off per week from beer. That’s something 😉

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