1. I would be interested. I am going to the store tomorrow to get canisters b/c I have STUFF everywhere and I need to know what it is and stop buying more of what I already have. This will work in that way, but I might be limited with my switch to vegetarianism and I am sure I have stuff in there I won’t touch now. So it will be a good way to throw things out.

  2. I’m a natural food store shop-a-holic too!! Glad I’m not the only one. Anytime we drive around…I MUST stop if I see any natural/health food store at all, small or big. And I wonder where my money goes….

    Yay for VT vegan food items. I’m definitely interested in that, so the next time I’m there I can look for it.

    …and that beer looks so tasty.

    I do need to do a pantry challenge (ooo almost typed panty challenge). I’ve got 2 big bins filled with “stuff” that I need to use up. My pantry is so tiny, it barely fits anything. The problem is…I have some jarred sauces and things and I think about using them, but then I think I’d rather make a lower calorie version of my own,so I leave them there. I guess if I use ’em up, I’ll be able to make my own sauces after they’re gone, right? 🙂 I definitely need a kitchen/pantry organizer person.

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