1. That looks incredible! I was on a crazy italian food kick this weekend. Really wanting to learn to cook with more tempeh and tofu but haven’t experimented just yet.

  2. We’ve stopped in there and asked about vegan options, but they always tell us they don’t have any! Or they can take the cheese off a salad, that kind of thing. Maybe we’re asking the wrong people.

    Your version looks fantastic!

    • cookingforaveganlover

      really? I contacted them awhile back and they gave me a list of options. One of the owners is actually vegan. I haven’t ever been but decided to check out the menu and make my own version based on the description of this dish. Besides the fact that this dish goes for $24 at Leunig’s! It’s a “steal” at home I think I spent a total of like $12 for 4 portions- craziness

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