Vegan November Care Package Swap

So I was drawn to the PPK forum because of this idea of vegan care package exchange which I think is a great idea and would love to participate in. However there are two problems:
1. it’s over on the PPK
2. (this is the big one) I have not been posting on the PPK for 6mos. nor do I have 1000 posts so apparently I couldn’t even participate if I wanted to….it is said that those who do not fulfill one of the two requirements are statistically more apt to default on the exchange.

So now is where I propose an exchange with someone. I have no idea how many people acutally read this blog but I would really like to put the idea of an exchange out there. I am willing to send anywhere.

So comment below if you are interested and we can get this started.

  1. Ricki

    Well, count me in, I say! I do have one caveat, though: a couple years ago, I tried ordering some Simple Treats goodies through the mail (and I do believe they were coming from Vermont!). Ellen (the owner) sent them via one-day express delivery to ensure freshness; but because of border inspections, rules, etc., I didn’t get the stuff for a WEEK. By then, of course, they were stale. Any idea what we could send that would make it through unscathed?

    I think this is a great idea. If you get enough comments, everyone who responds could be matched up with someone else for a swap! (I’m also way too negligent to qualify for the PPK swap). πŸ˜‰

  2. Lindsay I-F

    hmmm i don’t know i wish i had thought of this earlier because my in-laws were just here and they live in NB which would have removed that whole sending it to another country thing. hmmm i don’t know pretty much i would expect that it would take a week for items to arrive. there are a number of items however that i can think of sending that if purchased and sent immediately would be fine in a weeks time. however i am not sure that we could expect any quicker than that unless it was sent via express mail

  3. Joanna

    just found your blog. i think it’s so cute and i love the cake at the top. i just heard about exchanges too!! I am doing one this month with a girl from Poland, but i’d be willing to do one later in November.


  4. Lindsay I-F

    sounds good joanna! i was thinking any time in november. I am going to boston for veg fest and i would like to pick some things up there for it so encourage other vegans that are interested to post on here and we will organize something

  5. Jeni Treehugger

    I arranged a private package swap with someone on PPK via pm’s and then emails. I’m sending mine out at the end of October and I’m gonna do one with Agnes over at

    She lives in Poland so that should be interesting.
    After that it’ll be Christmas so money will be a bit tight. But I’d definitely be interested in doing one with you in the future!

  6. Bex

    care package swaps are the best. Swapping with you would be silly since we are both in vermont (and I don’t have any plans of getting away for a while yet) but if you need another person to pair up I’ll probably be able to.

  7. Agnesss =)


    Thanks for the info on my blog..!!

    I’m doing the exchanges with the girls πŸ™‚ like they mentioned it before !! Joanna and Jenni :-DD

    But of course we can do it then after that :))

    Feel free to visit me blog and leave me a comment how you see it πŸ™‚

    Have a great Sunday!!

  8. Bethany

    funny thing. I just read your post on ppk.

    I’m a newbie there too. I’d be psyched to do a swap. I’m in the Seattle area, so that would be a good match up for an east coaster.

    if you could send me some crispy seitan from A Single Pebble, that would be great. ha ha.

  9. Conquerbysmiling

    Hey, doing a swap sounds like a great idea! I wish I could do one, but money is always tight:( I just think it’s cool that you are taking the initiative to do this with someone! That’s awesome:]

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