1. Your photos are SO cracking me up! And how adorable are you three in your coordinating yoga clothes? My oldest would be so proud to wear a matching outfit! As far as goals, we rely a lot on dance parties. My kids and I go all out for a handful of songs before collapsing in a giggling pile, and it is super fun!

  2. These photos are ADORABLE!!! When my kids were younger, I would do a lot of the same things you suggest – especially walks! Now that they are older, my husband and I can hit the gym with or without them on a regular basis, so it’s easier to be consistent and I have to admit: I am motivated by knowing my hubby and friends are counting on me to be there at the gym, and they make it fun!

  3. Your kids are adorable. Congrats on finding a strategy to get yourself back in shape. As someone told me, no matter how much activity or exercise you are getting in, you are lapping the person on the couch.

  4. You guys are too cute!! My exercise is mostly stroller runs plus one long solo run on the weekends, but now that the days are getting longer I’ve signed up for pilates classes after baby goes to bed that I can run to and from (I don’t drive, which adds an extra challenge). I also do yoga videos with the preschooler and baby sometimes, which is adorable or annoying depending on the day. :^)

  5. Awesome tips for helping busy parents fit in a workout! Your photos are adorable. Working out 21 days is a great goal, I love the flexibility you’ve given it. I think when we make fitness goals it’s so important to give some flexibility and not expect ourselves to work out an hour everyday, but just to get moving in some way most days.

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