1. I love baby name conversations, and I LOVE finding out how couples came to name their littles. Of course I’m biased with you, since we both named our eldest Edith. 🙂 I was pulling for Beatrice with #2, but it never sat that well for Eric, and now I can’t even imagine our 2 year old as anything but Maxine!

    • I do too! It’s so interesting to see what names people are drawn to and why they chose them. If Alder was a girl I think we might have gone with Beatrix – how funny would that have been if both had similar second baby names as well?

  2. Leah

    Ah our first boy name was easy and when we found out we were having another boy I was like oh crap we used the other boy name we liked as our first’s middle! Our girl name Audrey Jane won’t get used because we are done with two! But we finally decided on a boy name for our second, I always find boys names harder for some reason!

    I liked Winnifred as well (Fred for short), as well as Dorothy, Matilda, and Wren for girls. But my husband vetoed them and actually was the one who suggested Audrey in the first place.

  3. If I were to ever had a child, the name Ignatious was always on the top of my list. That was my Nanu’s name, and I have always loved it and the nickname “Iggy”.

  4. How interesting to recognize a preference for names based on certain traits that you keep going back to – I’ve never gone through this exercise so it’s intriguing to hear this side of it! Who knew such long lists and vetoes were part of the process

  5. I loved learning about how you came to decide on baby names! The ones that didn’t make the cut but were on the list are great, too. Such a huge responsibility, naming another human, isn’t it? Our Cate was almost Ava (glad we didn’t – we know way too many girls named Ava now!) or Isabella, so we could call her Izzy. Ethan was almost Sam Finnigan, but with neither of us being Irish, we thought it would cause too much of a hassle for him 😉

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