1. I am so in love with Bend. We were there over President’s Weekend and I went to Smith Rock for the first time (took me long enough to finally go!). I loved it, even though it is busy it is so pretty out there. I totally agree Crux is great, and has such good for, especially for a brewery. I’m also a big fan of The Lot, the really cool food cart pod!

  2. I love Bend and Smith Rock! Sounds like a very fun trip. We were at Smith Rock last fall but didn’t have enough time to spend there!! I’d love to go back. I just googled Crux Fermentation Project–what a cool name! I was wondering if they had raw sauerkraut, kombucha, etc! Sounds like a fun place.

  3. I cannot believe I’ve lived most of my life in Oregon and never visited Smith Rock. We may be going to Bend this summer and if so, this is definitely on our list!

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