1. Wow, what an experience! So many courses, and everything sounds lovely! Farm Spirit is a very cool concept. I love when local places are upfront about their sources and get as much as they can locally. We don’t eat out much but during the summers we have done a couple of weeks where almost everything we ate was local, from our CSA veggies, u-pick fruit, coworker’s eggs, and local grassfed cow and pastured hog shares. I love cooking seasonally, too! Everything is so nutrient-dense, delicious, and of course good for the local soil!

  2. errely

    Every time I see pictures of this place I think “I HAVE to go!” What a great experience. The presentation is fabulous and, of course, I love that they offer wine pairings!

  3. Jealous! Everything looks incredible, and I love that there’s more of this “plant-based” cuisine around town that’s changing the idea of that vegan and vegetarian food can be.

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