1. I thought Girl on the Train was great! I “read” most of my books by listening through audible. I would probably only read one book otherwise! So far this year I’ve read The Female Brain (sort of recommend) and In the Unlikely Event (do not recommend). I’m in the middle of a handful of others – mostly trashy stuff that I “read” while cleaning or trying to fall asleep.

  2. I read How Not to Die after Christmas (I gave it to my husband and then immediately stole it to read it myself) and it was fascinating. I already knew a lot of the info in it (and have been a fan of Dr. Greger for years), but seeing it all in one place like that made something click for me! I’ve lost 18 lbs since the week of New Year’s, so yay!

  3. Did you like The Girl on the Train? I was on the fence about getting that one, but I’m so behind on my reading list anyway I likely wouldn’t get to it until next Christmas. Sad but true! I’ll have to check out a couple of these on your list that I hadn’t heard of yet. Thanks!

    • I like The Girl on The Train – it was no masterpiece and it had it’s flaws but overall I enjoyed it. I certainly got caught up in it and because of a sick baby who just wanted to sleep on me all day I ended up reading it in one day. Have you read Gone Girl? If you enjoyed Gone Girl then you would like The Girl on the Train.

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