[Lifestyle] Why I Choose To Wear Makeup

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When I was a pre-teen through my teenage years I was all about wearing makeup for special occasions like a school dance or party. In the earliest of days, makeup was a whole lot of glitter and those metallic lipsticks that were popular in the 90’s and seem to be making a bit of a comeback now. As I grew older I did my makeup on occasion and it was usually dark, moody and included purple liquid eyeliner that I had picked up one time at Sephora. Then something happened and I just stopped wearing makeup unless it was for a holiday party or an event. Add in two kids and my focus on myself has been lacking so makeup was on the bottom of my list.

Over the past year it has been a goal of mine to put more time and effort into myself. While I still struggle with this I have started to focus on doing things for myself that make me feel more confident, motivated, and just plain good. For me that has been purchasing new clothes that fit and fit my style and also focusing more on skincare and makeup. 

For me, makeup is something that makes me feel put together and makes me feel more confident. I don’t wear makeup to be someone else or to alter the way I look but rather to enhance the way I look and because it is fun. I love the way it feels to spend 5-10 minutes on myself. I like the way I look when I wear a little mascara and concealer and yes I am concealing the dark circles under my eyes not because I don’t want you to see the results of a sleepless night but because it is something I use to help me feel more awake and put together. 

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Makeup helps to make me feel more powerful and more compose. And when I feel these two things I also feel more productive. When I get dressed and spend a few minutes on myself I find that I get much more done in the day and my day is usually a bit better. Feeling good about how I look on the outside and doing it for myself makes me feel better about life and I come to realize how truly important it is for me. 

How do you feel when you spend a few minutes on yourself in the morning? Does it change how your day goes? I could easily stay in yoga pants with crazy hair all day and some days I do but when I really want to feel motivated, put together and ready to take on the world I take 5-10 minutes to really put myself together even if that means just putting on a clean pair of jeans, a t-shirt and swiping on some mascara. 

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