1. Jenna

    Those jeans look amazing on you. I vote keep those, the jacket and the shawl. The other two pieces are nice, but I’m not as wowed by them as the jeans and moto.

  2. I would wear the leggings for a day and if you don’t have any issues (they keep their form and don’t slide down) then keep them! It looks like they fit like a dream! I love the naked zebra dress too. I’m not a fan of the shawl (but I’m not a shawl person), and the chevron top seems like something you can find elsewhere for cheaper. The jacket is ADORABLE, but I’m not sure how practical it is? Then again, I’m in CA and probably prejudiced against jackets since I rarely have to wear then. It’s really cute though and fits well, so if you feel like you’ll use it, go for it!

    • It looks like the leggings are a winner. I was leaning towards the dress but I don’t know if I am in love with it. My hubby likes the chevron top but the more I look at the photos of me in it I think meh it’s fine and I could probably get it at TJMaxx for like $15. Also I do like the jacket but it’s a bit more than I want to spend.

  3. I love the jeggings! The jacket and shawl are cute, but for me I’d question if I would wear them that often (I am a cardigan person, though).

    • Okay so I think the jeggings are a win. The jacket I like but it’s one that looks weird if it isn’t zipped so I don’t know how much I would wear and I just got a brown faux leather moto style jacket from Costco of all places for $20. The shawl I also like but feel like I could go to F21 or H&M and get it for half the price (or less).

  4. Sofia

    I know this is way too late, but I hope you kept it all. You look great in everything , and HAPPY! I just ordered my first stitch fix today, and then found dia and co. this evening. I’m going to try them too, since its more my size.

  5. I vote for the jacket and jeans. But the blue top is cute too. Not a fan of the teal dress.
    BTW: Meant to tell you I loved your makeup last night, but I was so distracted with my kiddo. You looked really beautiful!

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