1. Elisabeth

    Ugh, that Annie’s stuff is so gross. Did they even test it before they released it? My husband wouldn’t even try it, I only managed a few bites. The Daiya mac and cheeses are alright, they kind of have a weird flavor. My favorite by far is the Earth Balance Cheddar. Its the only one I would repurchase.

    • Yeah I didn’t know until I went to Whole Foods the other day. I am not a fan of the Earth Balance but I want to give the gluten free version a try. I do agree that the Amy’s frozen is the best for packed ones that I have had so far.

  2. bozeman42

    I just tried the So Delicious Mac & Cheese ‘Pizza’ flavored variety. I did NOT like it. I much prefer the mac and cheese I’ve had from either Earth Balance or Road’s End Organic. Two very different styles.

    • Good to know! I have been curious about it but haven’t tried it yet. I have to say I honestly prefer earth balance olive oil spread, nutritional yeast and a pinch each of garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper that I make myself over all the boxed varieties.

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