1. Kim

    I subscribe to the idea that even if your body is not the size you want it to be, and you anticipate losing a lot of weight, it’s still important to consider your body’s need at its current state. So if you have a few shirts that you don’t really like, shop around and replace them with something you love and feel great in, even if you’ll never fit in them again after a few months. Then pass them off when you don’t need them anymore. We’re talking about items that you’ll spend entire days in, so they should be things you enjoy and that’s worth the expense, in my opinion!

  2. I keep seeing more and more posts about people who try the Konmari method and wondering if I need to do the same… As for the clothing and sizes, I subscribe to the same line of thinking as Kim. Last year, I was at my heaviest (aside from pregnancies) and for the longest time, I fought buying clothing in a new size because I knew I wanted to lose some weight. But I finally did get a couple of new pieces in different sizes, and felt SO much better. Even if it was for just half the year before I lost some weight, it still made a difference feeling GOOD in my clothes for that time.

  3. Ugh, I hate being there. Honestly, dressing “in season” is not my strong suit. I am still wearing fall colors and dark jeans every now and then even in this sweltering summer heat. I have been trying to make a conscious effort to only buy clothes that I feel great in. I usually shop second hand (I enjoy the treasure hunt), but I have sometimes fallen into the bad habit of just buying something so-so because its cheap. This is how I have ended up with dresser drawers that won’t fully close and a need to inhabit part of my husband’s side of the closet with all of my things. De-cluttering feels so freeing. Good luck to you on your endeavor! Cheers šŸ™‚

    • I have stalled a bit in our KMing as we are moving and just don’t have the time with two kids to fully KM things but we are going through things as we pack and will KM when we get to our new house.

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