1. Almond milk is perfect for camping too! Over the past few months we went with this alternative (or Westsoy/Trader Joe’s soy milk, which only contain soy and water) for morning cereal, oatmeal, coffee creamer… Unlike animal milk these don’t *really* have to be refrigerated if you use within a few days, which left us more room in our small cooler for important things like chocolate and beer. Haha.

    (Incidentally, when we’re home we make our own almond milk. 100% natural, no gums or palmitates that the store brands have, and the pulp makes amazing crackers!)

  2. Oh my gosh, that photo of your little one blowing bubbles is SO cute!!! Thanks for the list, its been a while since I’ve bought Almondmilk, but now I’m feeling an acai bowl and (as you said) almondmilk is perfect for those. Cheers! 🙂

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