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Before Edith I never really felt like I needed a high impact sports bra and most of the time I wore just whatever I thought was cute. Once Edith was born this all changed because of nursing and because my boobs found themselves a entire cup size bigger. I can still remember that first run after having Edith; I only made it about 1/4 of a mile down the road before I had to turn back and put on a second sports bra. That’s when I knew I had to go shopping and buy something that would really support the girls. 
Title nine

Those sports bras I bought when I was pregnant with Edith worked fine until Alder was born. I actually didn’t go up a cup size but the band size changed so all of my sports bras were on the too a bit too snug side. That being said having a toddler and a baby doesn’t always leave time to go sports bra shopping so I have been either squeezing myself into one of my more supportive bras or wearing one of my low impact bras. That is until now. title nine #MyT9Portland

I was lucky enough to be invited to a media only Title Nine fit fest. At the fit fest I received a personalized fitting from a Title Nine “bravangelist” expert. First we went over what I was looking for in bra, what I thought my bra size was and we went from there. In my case I was looking for something for running that would hold everything in place. So after a selection of bras were chosen for me I headed to the fitting room to give them a try. 

I ended up finding a few bras that worked for me (one of them was the one above but it’s not the one I took home). Once I found my winner, the 2-In-1 Full-Support Adjustable Sports Bra (unfortunately in the mocha color) I went out and tried the bounce test. Now the bounce test was completely optional but I figured since I was there I might as well try it out. So I grabbed a jump rope, I’m not sure why since I haven’t jumped rope since I was probably 10, and I did a few embarrassing jumps and determined that yes this was the bra for me. I will say this I didn’t love the color option but the support was awesome so I went with it anyways. 

Title Nine #T9FitFest

I have to say thank you to the ladies working at the Portland Title Nine shop who were really amazing, so friendly and welcoming . I look forward to returning and stocking up on more sports bras and other cute fitness clothes/gear.

Title Nine will be holding FitFest events throughout the spring and summer that span cities across the country and include:

 Personalized bra fitting advice from a “bravangelist” expert

 An expanded assortment of bras

 Bras for sports, work-to-workout, everyday and date night

 A “Bounce-ath-a-lon” for those who want to put Title Nine’s bras to the test, with stations like hula hoop, jump rope, cup stacking, run around the block, hippity hop ball & burpees

Anyone interested in participating should RSVP at the local Title Nine Retail Location.

Visit for a full list of cities and more information.

WHEN/WHERE for the Oregon FitFest:

 June 3-4, 10am- 8pm

Title Nine Portland
1335 NW Kearney Street, Portland

 June 10-11, 10am-8pm

Title Nine Eugene
5th Street Market
296 East 5th Ave. #229, Eugene


This giveaway is open to anyone in the US and will include a personalized fitting (either in-store or by-phone, depending on location) and one bra.

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Disclaimer: Title Nine provided me with free sports bra as part of attending this event. I was not required to blog about the event, provide a giveaway or to write a positive review. I am just sharing this with you because I had a great time and I am excited to provide one of you with the opportunity to win your own sports bra! 


  1. I have never been fitted for a sports bra specifically, but I have been fitted for a regular bra and found that the size I have been wearing was way off. In a sports bra, all I am really looking for is some sturdy support while not feeling heavily strapped down to the point of the “uni-boob.” Does that make sense? haha. Thanks for sharing about this event, cheers!

    • That completely makes sense (uni-boob) – I actually tried on a bra that Title Nine Portland lovingly class the “duct tape bra” because it holds everything down. While I liked it I felt a bit too strapped in.

  2. We LOVE that there is a picture of you in one of the bras. So happy that Molly was able to help you find the one! 🙂 Thank you so much for the awesome shout out. To all of you out there, we can help YOU find a bra for all your adventures.

  3. I’ve never been fitted for a sports bra – generally I look for one that has padding and then dark colors like blue or black so that you can’t see where I might be stained with sweat…!

  4. ourdebtfreefamily

    I’ve never been fitted for a sports bra, but I agree that comfort and support are most important.

  5. I look for movability in a sports bra — material that easily moves with me, straps that I can adjust, nothing too tight or stiff or itchy. I’ve been fitted for a regular bra before but not a sports bra.

  6. Elle P.

    I look for comfort and support. I want it to do it’s job and I don’t want to have to keep adjusting it while running or be sore from it after.

  7. Linda

    I haven’t been fitted for a sports bra before. I look for one that supports me and is comfortable to wear.

  8. christi

    I look for support first and foremost. Ideally it would be cute and have no seams showing through too.

    I went to a fitting by reps from a very popular brand at the local running store. I was dismayed that they used the “add 4 inches to your rib cage measurement to get the band size” technique. Everything I tried on was too big and not supportive. Sigh. I’ll stick to mail order.

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