March Favorites | CARU, Abe’s Market & barre3 Online

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored. I received NO compensation for this post. I am simply sharing my love for the these products/shops/services.
Body Care Product
Caru SkincareCaru Skincare Body Scrub

CARU Skincare Co. You guys seriously this stuff is amazing. I have been using this all month and I just love it. I use the scrub 2-3 times per week to help promote circulation, exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells. The scrub is so gentle on my skin and it leaves my skin super moist. After getting out of the shower I dry off and immediately apply the body oil which again just so moisturizing and amazing. I am kind of weary about body oils because this mama can’t be bothered to hang out to let oils or lotions dry but luckily this body oil skins into the skins easily by the time I am done combing through my hair and applying my face moisturizer and applying deodorant.

My hubby has taken to using both the scrub and body oil as well and he loves it an the smell which #sadface seemed to be a limited edition but I just checked and right now they have a Cedar + Fir scent and I bet smells amazing. I will also say between the two of us and using this for going on six weeks and have only used about 1/3-1/2 of the both products so a little goes along way and is worth the money. Have you tried any CARU products? I am super curious about their toners and face masks…basically everything that they carry. 


Abe's Try for $2

My name is Lindsay and I am addicted to Abe’s Market Try for $2. Basically everyday at 11am EST/8am PST Abe’s Market releases new products that you can try for $2 including shipping (!!) So guess what I am doing most days at 8am? Yeah that’s right checking out what new products made the cut. You can order up to 3 items per day and most days I find myself ordering at least one. The sizes of the Try for $2 are not little samples either they are deluxe sample size or most of the time full size. I am going to tell you right now this is in no way sponsored (although Abe’s if your reading this…) The Try for $2 has been a great opportunity for us to try products we might not have tried if it wasn’t for the deal or buy some of our favorites such as those Beanfield Chips which are basically vegan Doritos. I just put in another order before posting this and I am too excited to see what they post tomorrow #IHaveAProblem. 



I heard about the barre3 online program from Ashley’s blog and decided to give it a try last month and I am continuing to use it this month as well. As you may already know I have been dealing with some issues with pain while running so while I work with my PT to get that all figured out I have been working on strengthening my body and barre3 online has been such a great motivator for me. I can spend anywhere from 10-60 minutes doing one of their online workouts and even just 10 minutes gets me sweaty! I love the flow of the videos and all of the options. I am already feeling so much stronger and know I will continue using this service for a long time. One day I will get brave enough and actually go to a class…someday. 

What are your March favorites? What are you just loving?   

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