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Portland Area Parks - Dawson Park - Family Feet

Review March Goals

To read more about my March Goals click here

  • Complete my Blogger Book Club Book. Success. I just posted my book review last week and I have to say I loved my book! I read Grandma Gatewood’s Walk which is a biography about the first women to through hike the Appalachian Trail. IT was amazing! You can read my full review here. 
  • Restaurant Free March. Massive Fail. We started out pretty well at the beginning of the month but then after a few weeks of sickness we just needed to get out of the house so we went out for breakfast…and then lunch…and then post swim dinner. What can I say? It was just an overall fail. 
  • Actually Workout. Success. I have been doing a great job at working out regularly this entire month. We get out for a post dinner walk 5-7 days per week and I get out with the kids for a post nap walk 3-4 days per week. On top of that I have been doing a regular Barre3 online workout. 
  • Drink More Water. Fail. I am calling this a fail because while I have done an okay job at drinking water I definitely need to be doing better. The past week was terrible so I am betting this will make my goal list for April as well. 
  • Listen to More Music. Success. I have been listening to a lot more music at home and even dusted off the old (free) Spotify account. You can check out my March playlist here
  • Eat More Veggies. Success. YES! I have been eating tons of veggies and the best part is Edith who went through a super picky phase has been eating lots of veggies with me. Most days we share a big salad and she ends up dominating it. So happy!! 
  • Take More Photos. Draw. I would say that this was a more successful month than the past two but definitely a work in progress. I would love to be taking photos on a daily basis and I’m not there yet. 

March 2015 - Tulip Fest - girls lift

April 2015 Goals

  • Do a total of 500 minutes of Barre3 Online. As I said above I have really fallen in love with Barre3 Online and have purchased the online program after my free trial expired. My goal is to do around an average 10 minutes or more per day and so far I have been doing pretty well and I am feeling so much stronger. To keep myself accountable I have been tracking my workouts on my Instagram account. 
  • Run 20 miles this month. I have been having some IT band issues so I have been focusing on stretching and strengthening. I actually have an appointment at Therapydia Portland next week to get things checked out – I’ll be blogging about my experience so stay tuned! Anyways I am feeling stronger now so I am making it my goal it get in 20 miles this month which is about 10 more than I did last month. 
  • Stay up-to-date on my IIN Immersion. I have been really motivated to get back to regular health coaching and launching a new online program. Since I’m a little rusty after taking a break when I was pregnant with Alder I decided to participate in the IIN Immersion program again. I love that IIN has continued education FOR FREE!! It’s so great and I am already feeling back in the groove. That being said I want to stay on track and complete the bi-weekly modules. So here is to staying on track! 
  • Project Clean House. This is one of my goals for the year but with summer coming and guests coming as well I want to get or house in order. We are working to live a more minimal life and it’s taking time but slowly we are doing it and hopefully by the end of the year we will be there. Until then I want our house to simply be clean!! Yesterday I cleaned the kids bathroom and playroom (which is a constant mess) and this morning I cleaned our office, entry way and downstairs bathroom; so already we have some progress but this will take time and it also means staying up on the cleaning. 
  • Mini Goals:
    • Drink half my weight in water. 
    • Spend more of the day screen free.
    • Take the kids to at least 3 new parks. 

What are your April goals? 


  1. Love your goals of the month posts. I have some big racing I’m training for so my goals are mainly about fuelling better. I’m trying to narrow my nutrition down as I get closer to my racing goals. That and stretch/foam roll min. 3x/week.

  2. So you would say IIN is a good school to attend? It’s been on my radar for a few months now and I’m debating between it and another one in Canada that I could do distance ed. I just need to keep growing and I want it to me in the holistic nutrition realm!

  3. My restaurant goal was set as “Cook at home more often” and I am achieving it, it also allows for the Sunday outing that may incur a restaurant meal without the feeling of failure.

  4. I love this idea of posting your goals. Its a good accountability tool! I could really use some work on some of these same areas. Thanks for giving me some ideas on how I can improve myself for the month of April, cheers! 🙂

  5. Congrats on your successes and way to go on your goals! Drinking 1/2 body weight in water is also a daily goal of mine….water has been lacking a lot, but I’ve been doing better the past little while. Oh, and I think your kids’ names are just adorable! 🙂 Nice to “meet” a fellow SPA, and good luck for your April goals!

  6. You have some fabulous goals! (And I wouldn’t worry about some of the ones you missed last month, there’s NO WAY I could have a restaurant-free month! I’m too social lol.) I’m going to check out that Barre 3 now! I love Bar Method!!

  7. Great goals! I need to do a month without ordering food in!
    One thing that helps me with water consumption is I fill up a really large glass (a 32 oz mason jar) with water and pour that into a smaller cup so that it seems more do-able. Then I aim to drink at least 2 full big mason jars of water (64 oz) a day while I’m at work. And then I have another glass or two while I’m home. You’ll have to pee a lot, but soon all that water drinking will become second nature.

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