Blog 365 // Day 5 // DietBet Round 2


First off let’s all just say Happy Birthday to Neil who turns the big 3-4 today! Sending him lots of love today. 

Anyways onto today’s blog topic: DietBet. As you know I hosted a game back in November and while I didn’t lose the 4% body weight (that’s part of the goal of the game for those of you who might not be familiar) I did find the experience to be an overall positive one. I found myself focusing on me, my health and ultimately I saw results despite the scale not dropping very much. 

I had thought about hosting another game but when I saw that Emily was hosting her own game I decided to jump on board and participate. I have to be honest and say I let December get the best of me and I ended up back up four pounds and definitely let my workouts and healthy eating slide. That being said I am basically back at the same starting position as I was in November but this time around I know how much of a positive difference DietBet made on my life that I am ready to take it on again and hopefully drop the weight. To help matters I am starting my Quarter Marathon training today. It’s kind of a crazy, big day but I am ready to take it on. 2015 is going to be my year I can just feel it. 

Let’s rewind a minute and talk a little more about DietBet because I’m going to tell you the name of this game really turns me off. I am not about being on a diet and I really just don’t love the word because it is often associated with crash diets, extreme diets and temporary ways of eating. For me my diet is not at all about any of those things but rather a lifestyle. My diet is what I eat everyday and while I try new proportions of things you will find me eating a (usually) healthy plant-based diet. I actually wanted nothing to do with DietBet for the longest time simply because I didn’t like the name or the idea of a game around losing weight but once I tried it I actually found myself having fun, feeling inspired and now I am at it again – this time simply as a paying player. 

I don’t have before photos to show you right now because well they are just a hot mess. I ended up getting my weigh in photos in just under the wire last night and they are crazy looking. I’m glad only the DietBet Refs (and Neil and myself) are the only ones to see them. I’m going to have Neil take photos of me and I’ll share them later this week. I’m also going to take measurements this time around. So there it is round 2 of DietBet. 


Goals for the day: complete run #1 of my training plan and make it through the first day home alone with the kids in nearly two weeks. 

Eats of the day: Big bowl of greens, sweet brown rice, refried black beans, veggies and avocado. 

Quote of the day: No Matter How Slow You Go You Are Lapping Everyone On the Couch. 

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