Blog 365 // Day 2 // What Day Of The Week Is It?


Pass the coffee. I swear for the past week I have thought it was Sunday. I actually woke up yesterday and groaned because I thought it was Monday which meant Neil was back to work but alas it was on Thursday. Today I woke up thinking it was Sunday again….seriously it’s like Ground Hog Day over here right now.Neil has been off from work since December 24th so it is completely throwing my days off; with him being home and our little trip to the Coast I am a mess.

We decided to do a little early birthday getaway to the Washington/Oregon coast on Sunday which is out of the ordinary for us because we always do short getaways Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Monday. Anyways we went Sunday-Tuesday and it was actually really refreshing. I like being on vacation on days that are less popular getaway days and aren’t holidays. We were able to visit some of our favorite spots without them being too overly crowded and I was able to find a great deal at the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, WA. Seriously Sunday-Thursday hotel deals are great. 

We spent most of the Sunday-Tuesday hitting up our favorite Long Beach and Astoria spots including Buoy Brewing where I was finally able to actually enjoy a beer (whoohoo) since the last two visits I was pregnant.Of course we did our other usuals as well which include Columbia River Maritime Museum, Fort George Brewery, hitting up the thrift store in Chinook (WA) and coffee at Street 14 Coffee. We also tried a few new places including [pickled fish], the restaurant at our hotel, who made us an amazing cheeseless, veggie packed pizza that is officially the best pizza (I have eaten to date) on the West Coast. 

Speaking of coffee I need about three more cups to make it through this day and on that note it’s time to make some! Also if you want to read more about our trip I posted more details over on Naturally Family.


Goals for the day: clean and organize the playroom….oh and finish all the goals from yesterday. 

Eats of the day: Coffee and Bagels with Tofutti at Either/Or Cafe.

Quote of the day: I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee – Clark Gable 


  1. I am SO with you! I have been having trouble with the days of the week this week, and today, especially, I kept forgetting it was Friday. It felt like Monday and then Sunday but not like a Friday. BTW, Street 14 Coffee is my favorite fun spot in Astoria! I love it there!

  2. We love Adrift Hotel! Been there 3 times now, I think! Taking a little break but maybe we’ll go again later this year. That restaurant is really good, too, and great views and decor!! I don’t remember what we got the first time we went, but last time (about a month after I started eating meat again) I ordered elk sliders (without the buns) and they were delicious. I don’t even know where you get elk meat commercially, but it’s beyond “grassfed”! I love places that have local food and drink (like in the hotel gift area), of course. It’s definitely a unique place!

    I’ve had that confusion over the day of the week this holiday break, too!

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